Victory in University of Ann Arbor


You may have read stuff in the media about the three ex terrorist event at University of Michigan on Tuesday. Some of it was accurate and some was slanted against us. Let me give you what actually happened.

Eleven hundred students and members of the public including about two hundred terror sympathizers attended. The hall was not only packed but over 300 people were turned away because the hall only could hold 1100.

The event was also well attended by the local media, including the Fox News Channel. We also did one on one interviews with Fox 2 and ABC local News. We also did major Radio interviews on syndicated radio shows which reached about two million listners all across the country. With all the national and local media we reached or will reach about 25 million people.

After the event we recorded 5 hours of tape for two separate TV documentaries, the first to air is this Saturday on Fox News. The documentary will air in its entirety on Saturday, February 3 at 9:00 pm ET and Sunday at 12:00 am ET and will feature Walid Shoebat.

During the event about 200 of the terrorist sympathizers walked out at 7.40 pm which was half way through the second Speaker (Zak Anani). They must have been American Idol fans which airs at 8 p.m on Tuesdays’.

All the speakers were heckled in some way but the majority of the crowd was on our side or neutral and all the speakers completed their remarks relaying all their positions.

I have already received many emails from people, who prior to the event were unaware of the issues and thanked us for our lecture and work. We feel confidant that our work is making a difference and that slowly but surely we are getting the message out and waking up America.

This was our most succesful event yet. Our thanks to Max Gibson our campus coordinator who was responsible for filling the hall, Great Job Max! Also we like to thank Young Americans for Freedom who sponsored the event along with Ryan Fantuzzi who lead the on Campus sponsors.

Next Tuesday Feb 6, Walid speaks at UC Davis to 1300 people,tickets are still available but not many. On Wednesday Feb 7th Santa Barabara Campus will also be Shoebatized.

The Terror sympathizers on the campus of UC Davis have admitted on their web communications that the event in UC Davis is “The Shoebat Crisis,” Looks like we have them rattled.

click the link and read for proof.

Other than rowdy or terror style behaviour they have no answers to our campaign of truth. We will continue to squash their rhetoric with our message.

We are on the attack with truth delivered with a powerful punch.

Watch out terrorist sympathizers, you are all in our sights!

Finally I would like to thank all the people who prayed and have donated to our cause. We cannot do any of this without you.

The land of the free and the home of the brave means something to us all.

Keith Davies
Director of the Walid Shoebat Fdn


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