Defeat the Rinos or You will have a Civil War.

Keith Davies Polictical Commentator

The lies and deception in our country were epitomized two days ago by two separate stories. The biggest tragedy is the apathy and dereliction of the people of the United States and the lack of interest in what is happening to us as a nation.

The Detestable Johnathan Grubber

The Detestable Johnathan Grubber

Jonathan Grubber is a detestable human being, who in his arrogance told the truth, yet in his humility lied through his teeth at the hearing on how the “Unaffordable” Care Act was rammed through by lies and deception. On every substantive question put to him he failed to provide an answer. He was hired as an expert on the financial analysis of the potential implementation of the health care law yet on every question concerning the financial analysis Grubber punted, knew nothing, or could not recall. The so-called expert and proven architect of the law (self-admitted by Grubber) now cannot answer one question concerning the “financial modeling” and even tried to use his attorney to avoid mentioning the money he “earned” from the tax payer for his so-called expertise, which has now been revealed as a proven fraud and a lie. Based on the evidence so far shown to We The People, it is beyond any reasonable doubt that the “Unaffordable” Care Act was a deliberate attempt by the Obama administration to defraud the American people and the first person that should be arrested and brought on charges of grand theft, larceny and fraud is Jonathan Grubber; the next two should be President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, along with Harry Reid and any other of the people who boasted that they were architects of the law, which can be easily gleaned from the public record.

To add insult to injury, the Obama regime and his sycophants in the Senate try to blunt the Jonathan Grubber embarrassemnt by throwing the CIA under the bus. The selective outrage and morality of this regime is breathtaking. The deliberate undermining of our first amendment by the Obama administration with the IRS scandal, as well as the investigative reports we have uncovered of the deliberate conspiracy to undermine the Benghazi attacks by blaming a video that we showed was actually made and promoted by the Federal government with the intent to undermine criticism of Islam, report you can read here.. There was also the Fast and Furious scandal which was used in an attempt to undermine the second amendment and now, since Obama has lost all power in the Congress, he is using deliberate propaganda and race politics to distract the nation from real issues and many other scandals that I can assure you will come to light over the next two years.

Yet no one Republican law maker has called for criminal proceedings, nor has there been any aggressive stance to have the health care law defunded, which would now be possible based on the Republican majorities in the House and Senate for the next Congress. The Health care law as passed will bankrupt the nation ten times faster than even social security will. John Boehner promised that when the IRS scandal first arose that people were going to go to jail, yet Lois Lerner continues to receive her pension and lives in her beautiful DC neighborhood. We have politicians in Washington who disrespect this country so much that they put their own political futures ahead of the nation and WE THE PEOPLE are now letting them get away with it.

While there will be yet another Supreme court ruling in the next 6 months on the health care bill, it should be the responibility of the Republican leadership to actually lead based on the mandate given to them by the American people. Alas, it appears that the Republican leadership is as corrupt and pathetic as the Obama administration, and we have come to a spot in our nation’s history wherein the basic principles of freedom and self-determination, as outlined by our constitution, have zero meaning and WE THE PEOPLE as a vast majority are willing to accept tyranny for ourselves as a nation.

While the election in November was a sweep against the new communist party of America – more popularily known as Democrats – only 33.9% of the people who qualified to vote actually did. This is the lowest percentage since 1942. So, while our country is burning, only one-third of the people had any interest in how their country was being run – or not being run. Sadly, this proves that most Americans do not care for their freedoms and would be happy to live under tyranny. Based on the behavior of the politicians of both parties, an unedecuated and apathetic people opens the way for Nazi or Communist-style tyranny, which is exactly what we are heading for. It is ironic that the words of Jonathan Grubber, as destestable as they were, sadly based on the evidence of the terriblly low turnout versus six years of the most corrupt regime in our history, are true for at least 66% of the people of this country – maybe more if they voted Demorcrat – and what is even more tragic is that at the next election, if we vote for Republicans or Democrats, we all will become stupid based on what both parties are doing to our country.

It is time to clean house and to rid ourselves of Rino fools who are selling our country out. The Rinos are the extremists, not We The People who believe in freedom, accountability under constitutional laws, living within our means with freedom of opportunity unhindered by both corporate and union welfare interests. In each of our own Congressional districts We The People need to find candidates who believe in and will act on these principles. We have two years left to put this plan together or our country will fall into the abyss of tyranny that will end up with compliant dummies or a Nazi-style regime that may end up in revolution and another civil war on par with that of our first civil war. Tragically, the odds of tyranny far outweigh the return of freedom and, as Jefferson once said:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.



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