Rose Hamid Is Another Terrorist Supporting Muslim Masquerading As A Good American

Nice publicity stunt attempt CNN. Here is the video:

As was expected and proven by the video, Trump’s supporters conducted themselves very well. Imagine if she was a Christian attempting to protest in a Muslim country, and what would happen?

This is just to show that “Muslims aren’t that scary”? Right. I’m sure that was her only intention.


So who is this Ms. Rose Hamid?

She is president of the nonprofit Muslim Women of the Carolinas. Their Facebook page is here. She and is associated with several groups, including the Muslim American Society(MAS) of NC, CAIR, and the Islamic Society of Charlotte. We reported several years ago on that the MAS is a front for the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is an internationally recognized terrorist organization. The Islamic Society of Charlotte has ties to the infamous Holy Land Foundation Terrorist Financing case, as has been reported by the Carolina Journal Online:

One of the fund-raising groups that had connections to North Carolina was the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which formerly was based in Richardson, Texas. The Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets named the charity a specially designated terrorist organization and shut it down in 2001.

The foundation was a front organization for Hamas and sponsored offices and fund-raisers nationwide, including in Charlotte. The foundation was one of the largest Islamic charities in the United States, raising about $13 million annually.


Six years ago, CAIR Chicago did a story about how Ms. Hamid protested the fact that movie Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West was being given away for free by her local paper, the Raleigh News & Observer:

But the filmmakers use the Islamic symbol of a crescent moon and star to spell out “Obsession.” And the DVD offers mostly frightening images of Muslim leaders and crowds, comparing them to Hitler and the Nazis. Its on-screen pundits include anti-Muslim figures, including Walid Shoebat, who has said that “Islam is not the religion of God – Islam is the devil.”

Also included: A grisly excerpt from an anti-Semitic TV show in which the execution of a young boy is dramatized.

Local Muslims criticized the Observer for agreeing to distribute the DVD.

“That film definitely is something that would be considered hate speech,” said Rose Hamid, president of Muslim Women of the Carolinas. “What if somebody put an (advertising) insert in saying Hitler was right? Would you carry that? … This is unacceptable.”


A copy of Obsession on YouTube can be accessed at the end of this article. As far as the “Hitler was right” part, Muslims already answered that for her:


But back to the matter: Ms. Rose Hamid.

Observe these two stills. One was taken from The stands, and another while she was on CNN:



Notice the tag on her upper left shoulder. It is shaped in the image of the rub’ al-hizb, which is a series of squares within squares used in Islamic calligraphy. It has two meanings. The first is that it used as a visual model for helping to recite the Quran. It is also known as the Al-Quds star, since is represents Jerusalem and specifically, the Dome of the Rock in Sunni Islam. It can be found on many Muslim flags, literary, and architectural works throughout Islamic history.

However, what makes this particular example sickening is it is (a) pinned on her shoulder and (b) it is yellow. This is likely a reference to the infamous Star or Cross patches, bands, hoods, and other insignia that Muslims forced Jewish and Christian dhimmis to wear as a sign of their second-class citizenship in Muslim lands for centuries and was later adapted for use in 20th century German for reasons we all know why:


Per the Genizah, a collection of documents chroncling medieval Egyptian Jewish life:

Two yellow badges [are to be displayed], one on the headgear and one on the neck. Furthermore, each Jew must hang round his neck a piece of lead with the word Dhimmi on it. He also has to wear a belt round his waist. The women have to wear one red and one black shoe and have a small bell on their necks or shoes

Per ‘Abbasid Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, who wrote a famous decree on this matter (and which you can read in Appendix E in my book, Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam):

(He ordered) that (the Dhimmis) affix two patches to all that they wear of a different color, and that the patches would be on the front of the chest and on the back, and that each patch be four finger spans in width and of a yellow color. To those who wore turbans, as such they were to be of a yellow color. Those of their women who went out had to wear a yellow wrap. He ordered that their slaves wear zunar belts and he forbade them from wearing those with decorations.

The Commander of the Faithful, may Allah grant him success, decided that the Dhimmis in all his provinces, far and near, of all classes, were to wear hoods– which their merchants, their secretaries, and their young and old wear- of a yellow color. None will be permitted to avoid this.

To those who are unable to buy such hoods will take two same-colored cloth pieces to their clothing. They shall have a complete circumference, and be affixed on the outside of the garments in the front and the back.


A dhimmi badge used in 10th century Egypt by Christians


Ms. Hamid is likening herself to a “persecuted minority” in a non-Muslim country using the very same imagery that her own co-religionists used to persecute and exterminate non-Muslims.

That is about as respectful as a Turk asking an Armenian to “get over” the Armenian Genocide without an apology (which they still have not apologized for):


Turkish official during the Armenian Genocide teasing starving, dying Armenians with bread


Make no mistake. Ms. Hamid knew exactly what she was doing. This was a planned publicity stunt that more than a few people were in on to try an make Trump look bad. But they failed miserably, and Trump continued on like a champ.


Trump 2016.


As promised, here is Obsession: