Saint Patrick Never Surrendered Neither Should Saint Patrick Day Parades

Dennis Stewart will be contributing articles and opinion pieces over the next few months here is a brief biography on his back ground:

“Builder of performance driven cultures governed by principle and process vs. power and politics. Served with distinction in roles like: Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Officer; Managing Director and several Vice Presidential positions in large Fortune 100 corporations and smaller privately held companies in both the forest products and building supply industries. Recognized as a top corporate leader with exceptional organization and communication skills who: repeatedly turned around operations; motivated people to excel; built championship teams ; preempted and out-performed competition; created unifying visions and missions; authored unique analogies, word pictures, and visuals that explained, taught and simplified concepts. Fueled by ceaseless energy with invincible and insatiable personal motivations to prepare; excel and make quality results happen. In 2005 after 38 years of crusading for corporations, I began focusing instead on reinvesting my extensive learning to help combat and crater three grave publicly celebrated evils that cry out to heaven for vengeance: Willful Murder; the Sin of Sodom; and the abuse and enslavement of the poor by Godless government.”

Christian cowardice is sinful. Christians are called to be soldiers of Christ in order to become heirs to heaven. Christian soldiers fight against evil. Psalm 97:10 says: “The Lord loves those who hate evil…” What ever happened to the “Fighting Irish”? Why have they been transformed into the Feckless Irish? Saint Patrick Day Parades succumb to threats over and over year after year from those who should be fearful of making such threats thus encouraging them to make more threats. Evil aggressors always thrive on appeasement. The feckless ongoing capitulation to those who celebrate the CRIME AGAINST NATURE [SODOMY] – a grave sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance – is “diabolical disorientation” which fortifies the “dictatorship of relativism”. Permitting PRIDEFUL PUBLICLY CELEBRATING HOMOSEXUALS to prance and promenade in a parade named for a Catholic Saint is anathema.

Gutless and cowardly parade organizers might as well waive a sacrilegious white flag of surrender. Calling homosexuals out on their threats is a courageous Christian opportunity. Then these sodomites can show themselves to be the bullies they truly are while permitting righteous SELF DEFENSE. What a sad excuse for a parade that cows to and helps fuel a degenerate .08% [homosexual men] of the general population. These parade organizers run for cover refusing to exclude what should be excluded despite winning a unanimous 1995 Supreme Court ruling which permitted the justifiable exclusion of homosexuals from marching in such parades – a rare unanimous Supreme Court victory which has been squandered year after year.

Evil needs to learn how to fear good because God is all good and FEAR OF THE LORD is vital for securing peace on earth and good will toward men. Love should never mean giving evil free reign so that those harmed by the evil doers can then automatically forgive them for the evil they should never have done…especially absent contrition. Whether friend or foe, love means leading or driving the loved one away from or out of [GRAVE SIN] not making them easy and comfortable in [GRAVE SIN]. The immortal soul is at risk! We have an obligation to help grave sinners change. There are many former homosexuals. However, we are also obliged to protect ourselves when they refuse the help. Therefore, we have responsibilities to DEFEND OURSELVES. Don’t capitulate. Confront! Bullies back down! Evil is impervious to reason. It lacks a functioning conscience and it’s invulnerable to regret. Love must mean protecting the good from the evil and from the sinister and cunning snares of those pretending to be victims when they are actually the victimizers. Free will has consequences. We must make evil fear good rather than good fearing evil. Isn’t that what “just” laws are supposed to do? When feckless or unjust laws won’t do it, then what? History is filled to overflowing with answers. And these answers are laden with suffering which could have been obviated and made moot. The resolve should be to never let evil become strong enough to make good fear evil. Pampering and procrastination kill. The once morally mighty Roman Catholic Church has been transformed [since Vatican II] from the Church militant into the Church marshmallow in all too many ways in all too many places especially when it comes to pampering perversion and pacifying perverts all in the name of what love always isn’t.