When a “Men’s Health” Magazine is a Misnomer!

By: D. M. Stewart contributor

This article refers to pages 25; 75; 77; 78-79 within the April, 2017 issue of Men’s Health Magazine headquartered in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.

Since it is likely that the contents of the April, 2017 issue were also included in other Men’s Health Magazine issues before and after the April, 2017 issue, the fact based knowledge herein contained is being transferred to others to help set and then keep the health record straight. GOAL 26 WITHIN THE COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA: During the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt significant Communist infiltrations into the highest echelons of the US government were permitted. FDR once said: “I see nothing wrong with the Communists in this country. Some of the best friends I have are Communists”. (1) A former FBI agent, who was aware of these infiltrations, Dr. Cleon Skousen, revealed the deceits sought by these sinister infiltrations and their intent to weaken [soften] the USA by documenting the then known 45 goals for THE COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA in his 1958 book: THE NAKED COMMUNIST. (2) All 45 goals were presented to the United States House of Representatives and thereafter read into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963: Appendix, pp. A34-A35. Since 1958 all 45 goals have been accomplished [inch by inch enslavement is a cinch] in full or in part thus proving the impeccable credibility of Dr. Skousen and the premeditated and orchestrated rotting of America from the inside out permitted by our government and intended by the cunning Communist infiltrations and convergences. Goal 26 within the Communist Takeover of America states what was unthinkable anathema in 1958; 1963 and prior: “Present homosexuality, promiscuity and degeneracy as normal, natural and healthy” (3) With saluting sodomy – the infamous universal monogamy – and its ever growing number of always lifeless and often fatal siblings, homosexuality, promiscuity and degeneracy have coalesced into one stench ridden; civilization cratering; country ruining; life altering and ending poisoned package. It is an essential component of depopulation and the far reaching plan to remake humanity by helping exterminate and/or make extinct humanity as we know it without shots being fired. Here’s a few questions on just that one goal given that the CRIME AGAINST NATURE [3 words] is defined by only one word which is SODOMY and SODOMY being the universal homosexual monogamy. (4) 1) how can sodomy be natural when it is defined as the CRIME AGAINST NATURE? 2) if homosexuality was normal, natural and healthy, why pray tell would it ever need to be presented as if it was normal, natural and healthy; wouldn’t such a presentation be wasteful, superfluous and redundant? 3) if presenting homosexuality as normal, natural and healthy was good for the United States of America, why pray tell would such a goal ever be part of the COMMUNIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA given the long standing Communist goal to devour the USA in order to enslave the world?

Page 2 of 7-2- MISNOMER: Misnomer is defined as: “more at misname; the misnaming of a person in a legal instrument; a use of a wrong name; a wrong name or designation” (5) Men’s Health Magazine is a misnomer whenever it exalts even in the slightest of ways inverted and perverted anti-sexual degeneracies that spawn and spread with premeditation what is always lifeless and often lethal or always fruitless and often fatal. Invert is defined as: “one characterized by inversion esp.: HOMOSEXUAL”. (6) Pervert is defined as: “to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right: CORRUPT; to cause to turn aside or away from what is generally done or accepted: MISDIRECT; to divert to a wrong end purpose: MISUSE; to twist the meaning or sense of: MISINTERPRET; one that has been perverted; specifically: one given to sexual perversion.” (7) Sex is defined as: “either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in species and that is distinguished respectively as male and female.” (8) Therefore, two men or two women acting like one man and one woman can’t be sexual. . Degenerate is defined as: “having sunk to a condition below that which is normal; to sink to a low intellectual or moral state; to decline from a condition or from the standards of a species, race or breed; one that is degenerate: as a: one degraded from the normal moral standard b: a sexual pervert.” (9) The dictionary is decisive. Driving the nail deeper into the wood, here are a few more illuminations from the lexicon: Psychopathic personality is defined as: “an emotionally and behaviorally disordered state characterized by clear perceptions of reality except for the individual’s social and moral obligations and often by the pursuit of immediate personal gratification in criminal acts, drug addiction, or sexual perversion.” (10) Oxymoron is defined as: “pointedly foolish; a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (as cruel kindness). (11) And as stated in goal # 26: “presenting homosexuality, promiscuity and degeneracy as normal, natural and healthy” is clearly oxymoronic. PAGE 25: MEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE – APRIL 2017: Here we have the first massive misnomer. This page is entitled “Man to Man” “LUST LESSONS” followed by the subtitle: “spring is here, along with mating season. Meet desire’s enticing, entrancing, menacing alter ego.” Given that the author of this LUST titillating article is a homosexual man, Augusten Burroughs, who makes his degeneracy and his sodomy saluting LUST seem adventurist, the more honest and correct titling should have been: “Homosexual Man to Any Other Man” leaving out the reference of “mating seasons” since mating in a seasonal context means breeding which is defined as: “to produce offspring by sexual union”. (12) Men can never reproduce themselves via “coitus” with other men. It’s impossible! It defies the irrefutable definition of “coitus” itself. So, using the word mating when referring to sodomites is asinine. When it comes to sex, penises don’t belong inside rectums. They belong inside vaginas. It is impossible for mating [meaning breeding] to occur inside a rectum – especially a male rectum. Sodomy and its perverted siblings like: rimming; fisting; bare-backing; bug chasing; taking the express; brown showers; golden showers; tossing salad; circuit parties; fulsome street parades; pegging; one minute stands; felching; scatting; insertion of foreign objects into rectums [like wine bottles]; butt plugging w & w/o vibrators etc. etc. etc. eclipse LUST. They even eclipse LUNACY. They are all lined with unadulterated self-hate and rage driven by a misery loves company agenda. Such repulsive and repugnant behaviors include frequent contact with human excrement. And they call this “love”?

Page 3 of 7-3- These dehumanizing acts and behaviors endanger the health of the practitioners and even more importantly the general welfare as well. That’s not what health looks like! Treating such behaviors as if they were something to be considered, pursued and risked is more than just irresponsible journalism because what is being prompted or promoted is a certain health risk [up to and including loss of life and the spreading of incurable contagious diseases] that should never even be considered in what claims to be a health magazine. PAGE 75: MEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE – APRIL, 2017: Here we have the second massive misnomer. Pictured are two men embracing each other while holding hands within a caption that says: “HEALTHYSEXUALS LOVE SHARING” subtitle stating: “Get tested together. And stay in sync.” The play on and the creation of another new hallucinogenic word “HEALTHYSEXUALS” now operating in the insane asylum called the USA [United States of Anything Goes] for a puny yet perilous 1.6% (13) of the general population is blatantly obvious and suicidal. The real meaning being “UNHEALTHY HOMOSEXUALS LOVE SHARING AND SPREADING SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES. And the “inclusive” Men’s Health magazine trumpets this abnormal, unhealthy and unnatural “inclusiveness” when EXCLUSION of such endangerments is what true health really looks like. PAGE 77: MEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE – APRIL, 2017: Here we have the third massive misnomer: Pictured are two men dressed in identical clothing again embracing each other while holding hands within a caption that says: “HEALTHYSEXUALS COORDINATE” subtitle yet again stating: “Get tested together. And stay in sync.” I’m 72 years old and in my entire life I have never seen two men dressed identically holding hands while prancing and promenading in public. No real man would dare even think of it. Dressing identically is usually unthinkable even for women – worse still for men. “And stay in sync” as shown suggests keep doing what will make continued testing necessary. Any such suggestion is not “Men’s Health”. Normal, natural and healthy monogamous men when coupled; matched and paired with normal, natural and healthy monogamous women and vice versa will never have the need for such testing save for accidental blood contaminating possibilities. If the mission of Men’s Health Magazine is men’s health, why doesn’t Men’s Health Magazine portray the irrefutable norms vs. the refutable exceptions while discouraging vs. encouraging inverted and perverted acts and behaviors that cause grave sicknesses and early death? MENS’ HEALTH MAGAZINE – APRIL, 2017 PAGES 78-79: Here we have the fourth massive misnomer: The 2 page article states: “THE STI [sexually transmitted infections] YOU ALREADY HAVE” subtitle: Cancer-causing HPV infects 14 million Americans a year. Here’s how to protect yourself.” This article starts off: “It’s shockingly common. You’ve probably had it at least once, and you may have it right now.” Here Men’s Health Magazine pacifies the perverse and justifies the unjustifiable. The CDC [Centers for Disease Control] states that there is no test for men to determine HIV (14) so why does Men’s Health Magazine promote something that doesn’t exist for men and which is superfluous in any event since promiscuity is a behavior that can be cured without drugs which are also often debilitating?

Page 4 of 7-4- On the pages previously stated, Men’s Health Magazine advertises and propagandizes for degenerate behaviors which help cause HPV; and yet on pages 78-79 the magazine cites precautions to spare their insolent or ignorant readers from HPV that aren’t really precautions at all because what they claim are precautions are just as feeble as placing filters on cigarettes to ward off cancer caused by smoking cigarettes. The only real health centered solution is ceasing the perverted promiscuous practices that cause HPV. Decades ago when monogamy was the norm v. the exception, there was no such thing as HPV. Today, HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world. (15) HPV is a promiscuity driven disease as are all sexually transmitted diseases. HPV can give rise to cancers of the cervix, anus, vulva or vagina. 100 million of the 324 million Americans have sexually transmitted diseases. There are 20 million newly infected citizens each year. The CDC calls this an epidemic. It’s more like a pandemic. And these devastating diseases are disproportionally caused by a puny yet perilous 1.6% of the general population [homosexuals] who Men’s Health Magazine helps justify and glamorize on pages 25; 75; 77; 78-79 of their April, 2017 issue. Actually, homosexuals – especially homosexual men – account for EXPONENTIALLY higher [not just disproportional] shares of immune wrecking sexually transmitted diseases far in excess of their 0.8% shares of the general population [1.6% homosexual men and women combined x 50% share for homosexual men = 0.8% share of the general population for homosexual men]. As just a few examples: -The CDC has shown that 94.9% of HIV diagnosis among teenage boys [13-19] are linked to homosexual acts and behaviors. (16) And homosexual teenage boys represent only a portion of the 0.8% share of homosexual men and of the total 1.6% share of all homosexuals within the general population. Is that what “Men’s Health” looks like? -Taking categories like: Acting; Business; Film-TV- Radio; Criminal Transmission; Politics and Law; Science; Sports; Theatre and Dance; Visual Arts and Fashion; Writing; and Miscellaneous, identifies 322 specific homosexual men [names; occupations; and specific birth and death dates] all of whom [100% of whom] (17) died from AIDS with an average life span of only 42.79 (18) Is that what “Men’s Health” looks like? -Homosexual men have been shown to have up to 1,000 perverted partners – many of whom were strangers – in their severely truncated life spans. (19) Is that what “Men’s Health” looks like? -Smallpox is the #1 infectious disease cause of death in world history. (20) Between 430 BC and 1979 AD [2,409 years], smallpox caused 300-500 million deaths or 124,534 to 207,555 deaths per year. From 1981-2016 [35 years], HIV/AIDS has caused 35 million + [and growing] deaths or 1 million deaths per year while infecting another 75 million + [and growing] or 2.2 million infections per year. (21) On a time elapsed basis, HIV/AIDS has VASTLY dwarfed smallpox in comparison and smallpox wasn’t caused by inverted and perverted anti-sexual promiscuities and perversions. Is that what “Men’s Health” looks like?

Page 5 of 7-5- -HIV/AIDS is the leading killer of human beings in the world due to a single infectious disease agent. (22) Tuberculosis is the second leading infectious agent killer. TB, a disease once thought extinct, is the leading killer of HIV-positive people causing one-fourth of all HIV related deaths. (23) People infected with HIV are 20 to 30 times [that’s 2,000% to 3,000% more likely] to develop ACTIVE Tuberculosis. (24) Sexual perversions and promiscuities weaken immune systems that allow for infectious diseases that do the actual HIV/AIDS killing. Is that what “Men’s Health” looks like? -1.1 million USA citizens are living with HIV/AIDS and more than 50,000 become infected with HIV every year. Twenty-five percent are between the ages of 13-24. This translates to at least one teenager or young adult being infected with HIV every hour of the day. (25) And many of those infected don’t know they have been infected because symptoms can take decades to appear all the while being spread to unsuspecting others. Thus, the spreading of a vicious incurable disease at geometric vs arithmetic rates equaling the dreaded “Neutron Bomb” designed to end all human life without shots being fired or bombs being exploded while simultaneously protecting all man-made physical constructions like buildings. Is that what “Men’s Health” looks like? I don’t know what is more deplorable and degenerate a Men’s Health Magazine that doesn’t know what is herein contained OR does know but conceals these truths from view! Either way – no way to the misnomer called Men’s Health Magazine for “presenting homosexuality, promiscuity and degeneracy as normal, natural, and healthy.” We also have Teen Vogue Magazine in their July 2017 issue proclaiming to young girls and women how to sodomize with a Sodom and Gomorrah celebrating article entitled: Anal Sex: What You Need to Know/How to Do it the Right Way including numerous diagrams of both male and female genitals with the statement: “This is anal 101 for teens, beginners and all inquisitive folk.” When initially confronted the sodomy saluting digital editor, Phil Picardi, featured a photo of himself kissing another man and sticking up his middle finger in contempt to the justifiably outraged calling their outrage homophobic. (26) We should all be proud homophobes as we all once were. Look what happens when perversion is pampered and the perverts are pacified. Cowardice kills. We also have Vogue’s Fashion Magazine fawning over not only another freak but a traitor as well named Bradley Manning who betrayed his country as an intelligence analyst by leaking 700,000 military documents while in the US military. He was sentenced to a super lenient 35 years in prison. (27) But the Sodomy Saluter in Chief, Obama, pardoned him as Obama left office. Along the way, the perverts in the American Sodom and Gomorrah, at the express request of the pampered pervert, gave him/her/it a taxpayer paid sex change mutilation and amputation operation to mock the maker even more. Bradley Manning became Chelsea Manning and the degenerate Vogue Fashion Magazine ran a spread on the diabolically disoriented she/it/he while it/she/he was pictured in a red dress prancing and promenading on a beach. Like Aldous Huxley proved: “Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” Actually, sodomy isn’t sex because sodomy is ALWAYS fruitless and often fatal and because the rectum and the mouth are not sexual organs.