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American Teacher Busted By Police After Students Make Video Of Her Snorting Cocaine Lines In The Classroom

An American high school teacher was arrested after students made a video of her snorting lines of cocaine in the classroom according to a recent report: Prosecutors filed charges against an Indiana high school teacher on Monday after students secretly filmed her allegedly snorting a white powder in between classes and told the school’s administrators, […]

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African Pagan Death Cult Kidnaps Christian Missionary And Executes Him In Captivity For Playing The Song “Amazing Grace”

Christianity is bringing the light of Christ to all of Africa, but there is still a violent struggle being made against paganism. One of these is with the Egbesu Boys, a pagan death cult in Nigeria that worships a local god of war and death. According to a recent report the cult kidnapped a Christian […]

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While Americans Were Celebrating Thanksgiving, Mexican Drug Cartels Kidnapped 21 People, Stripped Them Naked, And Chopped Them Into Little Pieces In Just ONE City

As Americans were enjoying Thanksgiving this past weekend, their neighbor to the south of Mexico continued to be ravaged by the drug cartels. 21 people in the city of Veracruz alone were slaughtered, being stripped naked, tortured, and then chopped into little pieces A total of 21 were executed this weekend in Veracruz. The adjustments […]

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Undercover Investigation Shows Workers At Amazon Facilities Collapsing From Exhaustion, Being Taken Away By Ambulance

An investigative journalist in the UK has uncovered brutal working conditions at Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Far from being another venue of hard work for the upcoming Christmas season, the story has documented people working for hours in slave like conditions to such a point they are collapsing from exhaustion and having to be taken away […]

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Pope Francis Declares To Politicians ‘Stop Attacking The Migrants, You Are Just Fomenting Racism and Violence’

Pope Francis released a statement in which he asked for politicians to stop ‘fomenting fear of migrants,’ calling their actions as sowing ‘violence and racism’ across Europe: Pope Francis on Friday excoriated politicians who foment fear of migrants, saying they were sowing violence and racism, and urged them to “practice the virtue of prudence” to […]

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Major Medical Organizations Claim To Be Helping Children With Down Syndrome, But In Reality Are Killing Them By Supporting And Advancing Eugenist Human Experiments On Children With Down Syndrome

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) There are organizations that claim to be helping kids with Down syndrome, to which many are duped to donate money. But the reality is, these very organizations are killing kids with Down syndrome. What you are about to read has never been exposed before. The world […]

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The Trump Administration Declares That The US Will Stay In Syria To Now Defeat Assad. This Is Only Going To Help Turkey And Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat The United States armed Turkey to the teeth, so that it could be the superpower in the Middle East. Now, the US is staying in Syria to go against Assad, and this is being done to help Turkey control the region, which will only lead to a revived Ottoman Empire and the […]

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Homosexual Nazi Drug Gang Kidnaps British Man And Tortures Him For Hours In Sex Dungeon In England

Footage is being shown for the first time of a bizarre sex dungeon where a group of pro-Nazi drug dealers kidnapped a man who owed them money and tortured him for hours, including sexually abusing him according to a recent report: This disturbing footage shows the inside of the sinister sex dungeon where a drugs […]

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Indian Christians Beaten By Pagans, Illegally Jailed For Praying With Hindu Woman, They Said ‘God Has Been With Us In Jail And We Are Joyous For It’

Several Indian Christians were preaching Christ when a Hindu woman came to them for prayer. When the people found out, they attacked the Christians, and the police came, beat them, and jailed them. The missionaries were just released, where they praised God for their time in jail and being able to preach Christ and have […]

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Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Seven Innocent Farm Workers While They Were Sleeping, Tie Them Up And Slaughter Them

Muslim Terrorists kidnapped seven farm workers while they were sleeping, tied them up and slaughtered them according to a recent report: Days after 50 people were killed in an attack in a Mosque, gunmen suspected of being Boko Haram jihadists have shot dead seven men working on a farm in northeast Nigeria’s Adamawa state. The […]

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Holding Hands for Catalan Independence NYC #CatalanWay #ViaCatalana #ViaCatalanaMon

New Report Reveals: The Catalonian Government Paid Google And Amazon With Digital Currency Bitcoin To Finance And Facilitate Propaganda For The Catalonian Separatist Movement On The Internet

By Theodore Shoebat A new report from the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, shows that both Google and Amazon financed and facilitated propaganda decimation in favor for the Catalonian separatist movement. The report reads: The Government of Carles Puigdemont used criptodivisas, the so-called bitcoin , to pay Amazon and Google … to finance part of the Internet domains used by the Generalitat [Catalan government] […]

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Turkey’s President Erdogan And U.S. President Donald Trump Are Currently Negotiating ‘Peace Deals’ For The Entire Middle East Giving Turkey The Lead To Soon Control The Entire Region And Revive The Ottoman Empire

By Walid Shoebat The wise are always on the lookout when things seem hunky-dory and they rest when people worry about ‘rumors of wars’. The fool however, is alarmed when there are “rumors of wars” and sleeps in a time when false peace deals are being made. This is exactly the type of times we […]

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Christian Man Preaches The Gospel To Muslims, The Sharia Government Arrests Him And Puts Him In Prison. The US Government Intervenes And Has Him Released And Brought To America

By Walid Shoebat A Christian pastor in the Sudan preached the gospel to Muslims. He was soon arrested and imprisoned. But, the US government thankfully intervened and he is now living in the US with his family. As we read in one report from Voice of America: Six weeks after arriving in the United States, […]

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A Horrific Massacre Just Occurred: 200 People Slaughtered By Islamic Terrorists

By Walid Shoebat A horrific massacre just occurred in Egypt, with 200 people slaughtered by Islamic terrorists. Imagine that! Two hundred lives slaughtered. It is truly a horrific story and it is disturbing how these evil people see nothing to it in taking human life away. Here is the story, reported by Time Magazine: Militants […]

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America Has Embraced Sodom And Gomorrah Because The American People Have Pledged Allegiance To The Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat America has embraced Sodom and Gomorrah, not because of politicians, but because the masses have made their allegiance with the Antichrist. In this vide I talk about how dominating influence is more powerful than dominating government. Here is the video: Were Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood Bath […]

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Major Christian Leader In India Begs ‘Please, Save Our Nation From These Nationalists, They Are Going To Slaughter Us’

A major Christian leader in India, concerned about the rise of nationalism and the anti-Christian attacks being made by them, as begged for help from fellow Christians and people of good will to “save our nation from nationalist forces” according to a recent report: Ahead of the Gujarat Assembly polls, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese […]

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