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Matteo Salvini

New Italian PM Calls For “Mass Cleansing, Street By Street” Of Migrants, Says He Plans To Expel Any “Non-Italian” Roma From Italy

In the words of the new Italian PM Salvini, who is with the Lega Nord, a party tied to the many neo-nationalist and socialist movements in Europe: Footage has re-emerged of Italy’s new interior minister calling for a “mass cleansing” of migrants from “entire parts” of the country. Matteo Salvini’s comments are being shared on […]

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Bill Whatcott

Canada Puts Out Nationwide Arrest Warrant For Christian Pastor Who Said Homosexuality Is A Sin At A Gay Pride Parade That Happened TWO YEARS AGO

According to a story coming out of Canada, a Christian pastor was issued a nationwide arrest warrant for his preaching against homosexuality at a gay pride parade in 2016. Full disclosure, I don’t believe the approach the pastor had was the best. The pastor registered himself as a group in a gay pride parade with […]

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Did An Uzbek “Terrorist” Just Out Himself In Court As A Government Shill To Promote A False Flag Attack?

Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbek migrant who was involved in a terror attack in Manhattan, has said that he did as part of his work with ISIS to impose an “Islamic State”: An Uzbek immigrant who was charged with mowing down and killing eight people with a truck in New York City has spoken out about […]

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german austrian border patrol

Turkish Imperialism And The Rise Of The Next German Reich: Germany And Austria Declare That They Will Be Expanding Their Border Patrols Into The Balkans, As Germany, Austria And Italy Plan On Forming “Axis” Coalition, While Austria Pushes For Muslim Albania To Become A Member Of The European Union

By Theodore Shoebat The Austrians are talking about expanding their border patrol into the Balkan states, while at the same time they want Albania — Turkey’s biggest ally in the Balkans — to become an EU member state, which will only give more leverage to the Turks. Moreover — and surprisingly this has not been […]

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meixco drug arrests

Mexico Reaches Record 93 Murders PER DAY All Because Of Narcoterrorists, Becomes One Of The Most Dangerous Places On Earth

Mexico is a beautiful place, but it has been ripped apart by violence from drug cartels. According to a recent study, May 2018 saw a record with 93 people murdered EACH DAY, most of it coming from cartel violence and making it the most violent month on record in Mexico’s history: Ten days before the […]

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Man On Reddit Posts Photos And Story Of How He And His Friends Took His Amputated Foot, Cut It Up, Put The Meat Into Tacos And Ate It

In a story on Reddit that has since been confirmed through Vice magazine, a man took his amputated foot and, with the help of friends, cut up the meat, put it into tacos, and they ate it: So the quick and dirty; About 2 years ago I was hit on my motorcycle . The salvaged […]

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india christian woman praying

Hindu Terrorists Attack, Beat, And Threaten To Rape Former Hindu Turned Christian College Student

A group of Hindu terrorists attacked, beat, and threatened to rape a former Hindu woman turned Christian who was studying the Bible: A 22-year-old Bible school student from India shared details of a violent attack where she and her mother were dragged and beaten by fellow villagers for their faith. Bahia told persecution watchdog group […]

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Five Women Working For Christian Missionary Group Raped At Gunpoint By Terrorists

Police are searching for a group of men who attacked a group of women working for a Christian missionary group and raped them at gunpoint: Five women working for a Christian missionary group were abducted and gang-raped by men who filmed their crime, police in eastern India said on Friday. AFP reported that the women […]

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Major Cardinal Of The Catholic Church Accused Of Being A Homosexual And Abusing Boys

A major Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Theodore McCarrick, has been accused of being a homosexual who abused boys: This has been a very long time coming: Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, D.C., has been removed from public ministry after a credible allegation he abused a teen 50 years ago while serving […]

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priest gun field

Hundreds Of Priests And Preachers Petition Philippine Government To Pack Pistols For Personal Protection

In light of the violence being directed at priests and churches and following the murder of Fr. Richmond Nilo, at least 200 Catholic priests as well as Protestant ministers have submitted requests to carry firearms: Over 200 priests and preachers from other religious denominations want to carry firearms, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General […]

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Rodney Earl Sanders

Mississippi Man Rapes And Murders Two Nuns Just Because He Could

A Mississippi man was sentenced to life in prison after he raped and murdered two Catholic nuns in their home for no apparent reason other than he could: A Mississippi man admitted Thursday to killing two Roman Catholic nuns and pleaded guilty to murder in an agreement that would avoid the death penalty. Rodney Earl […]

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Western World Makes Big Deal About “Nuclear Bunkers” In Kaliningrad, Ignores The Fact That The US Is Building A Major Military Base Three Hours Away From Russia

CNN has reported that Russia may have “upgraded” her nuclear bunkers in Kaliningrad, Russia: Russia may have significantly modernized a nuclear weapons storage bunker in Kaliningrad, a sensitive exclave of Russian territory sandwiched between Poland and the Baltics, as tensions between Russia and the West continue to rise, according to a new report. On Monday, […]

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Why Did Ezra Levant Register A Year Before Tommy Robinson’s Arrest?

Ezra Levant announced a massive “Save Tommy” campaign in support of Steven Yaxley-Lennon, known as “Tommy Robinson” because he is being “persecuted” by the UK government for speaking against Islam. It has also come to my attention that the website “Save Tommy” was registered on May 10, 2017- ONE YEAR before Tommy Robinson’s arrest. How […]

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