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What Could The Next Terrorist Attack Look Like?

There is always much speculation about how another terrorist attack may look. Some have speculated that just at the attack at the World Trade Center was meant to represent “America,” so would another major icon of “Americanism” be attacked.” The following is an exercise in precisely this. What could such an attack look like, and […]

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Major State Of Alabama Court Decision Declares Unborn Babies Are Actually People

In a groundbreaking decision, the State of Alabama has ruled against abortion, stating that unborn babies are actually people: Today, the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously ruled in the case of Jessie Phillips v. State of Alabama that “the value of the life of an unborn child is no less than the value of the lives […]

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Half Of All Children In USA Are Now Born To Unmarried Parents

One of the signs of social decline of any society is a decline in marriage and the family, for the family is a microcosm of society. According to a recent study, now almost half of all children born in the USA are born to unmarried parents: Nearly half of American children are now born to […]

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Chinese Catholic Priest Declares That The Chinese Government Wants To “Eliminate All Religion”

A Chinese Catholic priest has recently declared that the Chinese government’s goal is to “eliminate all religion” according to a report: A Roman Catholic priest has warned that China’s ultimate goal is “eliminate all religion,” urging the Vatican to reconsider a major deal with the Communist government. Father Paul of Hebei province, as the priest […]

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mt athos greece

Russian Orthodox Now Forbidden From Praying At Major Orthodox Holy Site In What Has Become The Second Great Schism

In what is becoming the Second Great Schism, the Russian Orthodox Church has now forbidden Russian Orthodox Christians from praying at the monasteries and churches in what is regarded as one of the holiest sites among Orthodox Christians: Members of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) are now forbidden to pray and receive communion in the […]

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Pat Robertson Supports The Jihad, Says Selling Weapons To Muslim Terrorists Comes Before Principle

There has been a recent situation in the news over the murder of Jamal Khashogghi, nephew of the infamous weapons trafficker and US ally Adnan Khashogghi. The situation has caused a serious rift between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and in light of US suggestions that Saudi Arabia was behind the murder, Saudi Arabia has threatened […]

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Eugenics-Supporting Terrorist Attacks 65-Year-Old Man While Praying

A 65-year-old man was attacked by a supported or child murder as he silently prayed his rosary according to a report: A 65-year-old man praying outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Florida was hospitalized after being punched in the face by an attacker. Naples Daily News reported that Joe Alger was punched several times […]

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jaron bloshinsky

This Is What Genital Mutilation Actually Looks Like- NOT SAFE FOR WORK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Jewish American sodomite Jaron Bloshinsky, known as “Jazz Jennings”, recently had “complications” while undergoing the “change” by mutilating his gentials to pretend to be a woman: Eleven years after first sharing her story with Barbara Walters at the age of just six, Jazz Jennings has completed her transition after undergoing gender affirmation surgery. In an […]

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Donald Trump Appoints Second Openly Admitted Sodomite To Federal Appeals Court

According to recent news, President Trump has just appointed a sodomite to the federal appeals court: President Donald Trump recently announced another wave of judicial nominees, and among them is an openly gay conservative, Patrick Bumatay. Trump nominated Bumatay to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, based in San Francisco, […]

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Major Jewish Publication Admits That American Jewish Women Have Operated Secret Eugenics Networks For Decades

In an interesting story from Haaretz, it states that Jewish women have been leaders in the “resistance” for supporting modern-day eugenics through legalizing the murder of babies: Access to abortion in the United States has become more limited in recent years, increasingly restricted by state laws even though it became a constitutionally protected right in […]

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Major Catholic Bishops From Around The World Sport Sodomite Flag Colored Crosses At Youth Synod About Sexual Abuse In The Church

In a shocking series of photos, major Catholic bishops from around the world at a recent synod on youth have been sporting neon-colored “crosses” bearing a curious semblance to the sodomite flag: Note the six colors on the cross, and how the LGBT flag has the same six colors in a strikingly similar setup: You […]

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Sodomite Dresses Up As A Dog, Calls Himself A “Human Pup” And Lives Like An Animal With His Sodomite Lover

As the cultural rise of the LGBT continues, so will the inherent acceptance of the deviant behavior that defines it because it is the indulgence of a man’s innermost lusts. One of such fantasies is the rise of “animal play,” where homosexuals engaged in mock bestiality with each other. Such is a case in a […]

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Doctors Expose Canadian Plans To Murder Sick Children In Hospitals And Not Tell Their Parents Until After The Child Is Dead

Canada is a sick nation in many ways, and one of those is how doctors have recently exposed plans that allow for Canadian doctors to murder sick children without parents consent and not have to tell their parents until after the child is dead: Doctors from a Toronto children’s hospital recently published policies on physician-assisted […]

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Christian Woman And Her Four Children Thrown Out By Her Muslim Husband After They All Become Christians

A Christian woman and her four children were left homeless after her husband, who is a Muslim, became enraged when she and her children became Christians according to a report: Two years ago, Dorika Kabuo and her four children were chased from their home by the one they called “protector and provider,” Dorika’s husband. This […]

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When Asked If He Is A Homosexual, Lindsay Graham Says “To The Extent That It Matters, I’m Not Gay.”

“Straight or gay”, as some people call it, is an easy question to answer. Either one is not a sodomite or one is. The division is cut and dry. However, Senator Lindsay Graham, who for many has had his sexuality questioned, recently said that he is not a homosexual “to the extent that it matters”: […]

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Switzerland Officially Votes To Jail People Who Criticize The LGBT

The warnings have been around for years, and the intentions likewise have been made clear. Now, the LGBT has done exactly what many said were coming in the case of Switzerland, where the nation has voted to jail those who criticize homosexuality according to a report: By an almost two-to-one vote met with ringing approval […]

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