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Bloodbath On American Vacation Enclave Of Cancun As Narcoterrorists Slaughter Seven People At A Party

The Mexican party city of Cancun is the place where Americans, especially college students, go to indulge in wanton hedonism. While the area is usually well-protected because tourism is a major source of revenue, even she is not safe from the heinous violence of the cartels. In a recent incident, seven people at a party […]

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isis human slaugherouses

Islamic Terrorists Kidnap Fifteen Thousand People, Bring Them To Slaughterhouses, Dissect Their Organs And Sell Them All Throughout The Middle East

The existence of human slaughterhouses operated by Islamic terrorists who kidnap, dissect, and sell people’s organs throughout the Middle East is a topic which Walid and Ted have discussed for years. Another story has emerged that again confirms that ISIS not only did operate such locations, but continues to operate them throughout the Levant, with […]

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Orthodox Jews Visiting Ukraine Vandalize Major Crucifix That Major American Rabbi Who Openly Supports National Socialist Leaders, Mass Murderers, And Hates Christianity Verbally Attacked

In December 2018, I profiled the curious case of Rabbi Yaakov Bleich of Brooklyn, New York, who has been appointed to the head of Ukraine’s Church Council and who publicly works with National Socialists including the Azov Battalions, supports mass murderers including Stepan Bandera, and showed his hatred for Christianity after demanding that a cross […]

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pakistan map

Man Invites Teenager To His House For Ambush, He Then Attacks The Teen While He And Five Other Men Take Turns Sodomizing Him

In a horrible case coming out of Pakistan, a man invited a teenager to his house. However, it was really an ambush, and when the teen arrived, the man attacked him with the help of five other men, who then proceeded to take turns sodomizing him according to a report: Police have booked as many […]

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Chinese Government Orders Sick Christians To Renounce Christ Or Lose Their State Benefits

Governments throughout history have intentionally given and even pushed welfare onto their citizens to create dependence in order to control them. This is the case taking place in China right now as the Chinese government has ordered poor Christians, including the elderly and sick, who receive state benefits to either renounce Christ or their benefits […]

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Bajrang Dal Workers Protest In Bhopal

India Now Ranks In The Top Ten Worst Nations On Earth For Christian Persecution

India has been consistently saying that she will be a world “superpower” by 2020. While there certainly have been many changes in India that clearly establish her as a regional power, what she has advanced in is her status as one of the worst persecutors of Christians, now being placed in the top ten of […]

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european court of human rights

European Court Of Human Rights Takes On Major Case That May Enshrine Euthanasia Into International Law

Eugenics is sometimes associated with the rise of National Socialist Germany during the 20th century. While this is certainly true, this was only one small incident in the larger scale of events. What transpired in Germany began in the UK and US with the promotion of eugenic policies dating back to as early as the […]

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University Student Forcibly Sodomizes Another Student, Tells Police He Did It Because He ‘Believed The Student Was Out Cold’

A university student is facing charges after he sodomized another male student that he believed was unconscious due to alcohol according to a report: A Lindenwood University freshman is facing sodomy charges after he sexually abused someone he believed was “out cold,” charges say. Blace M. Eckols, 18, of the 1400 block of Paradise Valley […]

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Man Sitting In Church Service Attacks And Stabs Random Woman Multiple Times, Tells Police The Devil Made Him Do It

A man was arrested at a homeless shelter for attempted murder. During a church service, he started acting strange before attacking and stabbing a random woman multiple times. He then told police that the devil “got into his head” and ordered him to murder her according to local news: A man was taken into custody […]

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China Tries To Make Peace With US, Wants To Reduce Trade Deficit- This Is A Big Sign They Know That War Is Coming

For years many have complained about the trade deficit between the US and China. In what is being called an “olive branch” move by China to the US, they are offering to reduce the trade deficit to zero through a massive spending program over the next six years according to a report: China has extended […]

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Man Takes Woman, Punches Her Dozens Of Times, Then Stabs Her, Smashes A Bowl On Her Head Before Strangling Her To Death And Driving 100 Miles To Dump Her Corpse At His Grandmother’s House Because She Refused To Allow Him To Sodomize Her

Hookups are common in college towns, and sometimes they turn violent. In one case, a man picked up a woman and when they got back to his house they started fornicating, and in the process she refused to allow him to sodomize her. In a fit of rage he attacked her, punching her dozens of […]

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American Man Declares While Defending Pedophile Supporter Milo Yiannopoulos That He Wants Everybody To Know That “Ritalin Is More Evil Than Sodomy” And That Little Boys Who Are Sodomized Can “Recover” But Ritalin Is Worse Because It Messes A Person Up “For Life”

In November 2018, Ted and I had a talk with Dean Esmay, a.k.a. Max of Red Pill Religion, who in his words is a former atheist turned convert to the Catholic Faith and now runs a radio show online. You can watch the show below: We had a good conversation, but there was some disagreement […]

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west africa

Could Burkina Faso And Her Neighbors Become The Baku Oil Sands Of Africa?

In recent news, there have been a series of terrorist attacks in the landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso: Twelve civilians were killed on Thursday during a jihadist attack in the north of Burkina Faso, which has been battling a wave of Islamist violence, officials said on Friday. The west African country declared a […]

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colostomy bag

Sixteen Year Old Teen Forced To Wear Colostomy Bag For The Rest Of Her Life After Group Sodomy Session Destroys Her Intestines

Just as morality is not limited to any one group, the potential for the perversity of the LGBT is not limited only to homosexuals, but also extends to heterosexuals as well. For years, I have warned about the proliferation of homosexual ideas into mainstream society. Many of these ideas have come in through pornography and […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack And Slaughter Fourteen People In Nigeria

Violence from the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram continues without end in Nigeria. In another recent attack, fourteen people were slaughtered in the northeast region of the country according to a report: Fourteen people were killed and thousands fled after Boko Haram attacked a remote town in northeast Nigeria, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) […]

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japanese war flag

Japanese Government Declares Push For Rapid Militarization In Preparation For Conflict With China

Japan has wanted to return to militarism for years, only being restrained by the post-World War II shackles imposed upon them by the US. Now that President Trump has been removing them more so than any president before, Japan is doing exactly what Ted and I warned she would, which is rapidly push for militarism. […]

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