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Three Muslim “Refugees” Go Up To Two Underage Mentally Handicapped Girls In Hot Tub At Pool And Molest Them Both And The Pool Staff Does Not Report The Crime

The pool expelled the Muslims but did not report the crime because they were afraid of being called “racists.” Chancellor Merkel, who desperately wants to hide her STASI past, has made it very clear that “refugees” are in her special care just as Trayvon Martin was Obama’s “son,” and she will let them do whatever they […]

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Muslim Refugee Sex Fiend Kidnaps Four Year Old German Boy At Austrian Pool, When The Boy’s Mother Runs After Him, The Refugee Throws The Boy Down And Tries To Rape The Mother In Front Of Her son

There is no depth to which these Muslim “refugees” will go just to rape European women in order to indulge their diabolical lusts. It would not surprise me if this man was going to molest the boy, especially given how pedophilia exists on a pandemic level in Muslim nations. Notice that however many of these […]

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Canadian Government Houses Underage Muslim Refugee Children In Same Hotel Where Perverted Animal Costume Sex Fetish Conference Is Taking Place

Yes, you read that title correct. This is a “furries” conference in Vancouver, CA– which is basically a conference for people with a bestiality fetish but who are too scared to actually pollute themselves with a real animal. Putting actual children- no matter what their religion is- in a hotel with a situation like this […]

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German Government Admits That Minimum 45% Of ALL Crimes Are Committed By The New Muslim “Refugees” They Just Invited But Are Embarrassed To Admit It Because They Do Not Want To “Stigmatize” Anybody

Remember that in Germany, a “German” is not just a native German man. It includes ALL legal German citizens born in the country. When you consider how Germany already has a large Muslim population excluding the “refugees,” one fact becomes blatantly obvious- Muslims commit most of the crime in Germany. The other interesting part about this report […]

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EU Sells Out To Turkish Demands, Commits The Biggest Betrayal In European History By Paying For Turkey To Invade And Colonize Europe

Mehmet the Conqueror must be asking himself why did he bother to invade Europe. With these concessions, all he would have to do was walk in and start making demands. The following comment on this story about summarizes the situation: Illegal immigrants not deemed worthy of asylum protection will be returned to Turkey but, in […]

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Blood-Spattered Muslim “Migrants” Wearing Polo Shirts Smash Each Other With Rocks While Fighting Over A Loaf Of Bread

We here on have continually reported how Muslims are ungrateful to the European people. They continually complain about and reject the free food, clothes, and other provisions (here, here), and not only do they do that, but they destroy it intentionally (here, here). Now we see these “refugees” beating each other bloody with rocks over […]

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Muslims Attack Random Swedish Woman And Try To Rape Her, Slice Her Breast With A Razor, Beat Her Up And Call Her A “Dirty Whore”

Nathalie Hager, before and after The Muslim “refugees” beat this woman so bad that she now has brain damage. The only people worse than these “refugees” are the Swedish police because they have done NOTHING to help her. Sweden in ten years is going to change irreparably and forever. Either the Swedish men are going […]

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Muslim “Child Refugee” Pays Another “Refugee” To Rape A French Social Worker Because She Rejected His Sexual Advances At Refugee Center

100 Euros- that is the cost of a woman’s dignity and life apparently to these “refugees.” The reports say that the “child refugee” paid his friend to rape this woman because she rejected his advances and complained that it was a form of sexual harassment. So much for all of the “training” the EU is giving […]

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Wannabe Teenage Gangsters Break Into Nursing Home Apartment Of Random 87-Year-Old Woman, Beat Her With Bottles, Then Take Turns Raping Her Before Pouring Bleach Down Her Throat

Raymond Miranda According to reports, this was part of a gang initiation ritual. Fortunately, the woman survived this barbaric attack. The teens who did it ought to consider themselves lucky- they will spend 30 years each in prison for their crimes. This is just a mere a sample of the violence that happens in Mexico […]

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Counterpoint: Thanks To Petty Republican Infighting Each Election Scenario Ends With Hillary Clinton Becoming President

Hillary Clinton is the LAST person American needs to become president. The corrupt, physically ill, mentally gone, power-hungry woman thinks she deserves to win and a Clinton victory would bring the final ruin of the United States for a very long time. That said, each scenario shows her winning. Why? Because of Republican party infighting. Whether […]

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“We Will Solve The “Migrant” Crisis In A Day” Bulgarian Army Conducts Major Military Exercise On Greek Border, Promises To Arrest And Harshly Prosecute All Illegal “Migrants”

Centuries ago, the Bulgars were feared warriors in the Balkan Peninsula. An Eastern Orthodox nation, they survived for centuries under Ottoman Turkish rule and managed to preserve their faith and culture. Today, Bulgaria is again on the front-lines of the new Muslim invasion in the form of this “refugee” crisis that has been aided by […]

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Twitter Sides With ISIS And Muslim Terrorists, Shuts Down Accounts Of Anonymous And Others Who Report Islamic State Accounts

ISIS and other Muslim terrorist groups have a notable presence on Twitter. At the same time, the hacker group Anonymous has been harassing and shutting down ISIS accounts as they are established. In response, Twitter has responded by shutting down Anonymous accounts and leaving ISIS accounts alone. One can only conclude that not only does Twitter […]

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NYC Mayor Bill DeBlazio Signs “Anti-Discrimination” Bill That Lets Men Use The Women’s Bathroom And Vice Versa

Any man who wants to use the women’s bathroom or vice-versa because they “identify with the opposite gender” is psychologically damaged and a danger to social stability. Separate bathrooms has nothing to do with “discrimination”- it has to do with safety. No, I do not feel safe using a bathroom that women have the same […]

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According to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website, one out of every six American women and one out of every 33 men have been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in his or her lifetime. Sexual assault response coordinators and victim advocates work professionally and diligently to ensure the rights and needs of victims are met.(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Clayton Lenhardt/Released)

Middle Aged Somalian Man Sexually Assaults English Teen Girl, Says In Court That It Is Not His Fault Because Of “Cultural Differences”

How funny that these savages who go around sexually assaulting and molesting white, non-Muslim European girls and brag about it, but when they are caught they suddenly act innocent and claim “cultural differences.” The funniest part about this is if a “cultural difference” is that publicly raping women at will in the countries they come […]

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Man In Vienna Tells Muslim Self-Professed “Shariah Patrol” To Stop Harassing His Wife And Daughter, They Beat Him Up And Put Him In Hospital

Stefansplatz, the Church of St. Stephen in the center of Vienna at night Ten years ago when I was in Vienna, there were no “Muslim no-go zones.” It was a safe place where anybody could walk at night without fear, and in the areas where you had to be careful (which I did go through at […]

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Minimum Two-Thirds Of All The Recent “Refugees” To The EU Are Not Fleeing ISIS At All And Are Just Coming For Promises Of Easy Money

For months now we have been told that the “migrants” were fleeing to Europe because of ISIS. Now anybody with a sliver of brains could have told you that was true only for the minority, and that the majority were coming for promises of easy living and an 800 Euros a month welfare check from the […]

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