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“Islam WILL Conquer The UK”- America Is Next

Downing Street in London is similar to Pennsylvania Avenue in the US, as it is home to many of the central ministries and organs of the British government. In a report from the UK Standard, it discusses how not only has the presence of Islam grown in the UK (thanks to the aid of the […]

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FAIL: Effeminate Weak European Men Think Marching In Skirts Will Stop Muslim Rapes

Muslims have no respect for women. Men dressing up as a woman will not get them to stop harassing women, but I would say will encourage more violence because the Muslim will correctly think that European men are as weak and defenseless as the women they regularly brutalize. Thanks to Russia Today:

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“Hate Speech Has No Place On The Internet” Merkel’s Lapdog Zuckerberg Starts Group To Fight Anti-Muslim “Hateful Rhetoric” On Facebook

We have been reporting on for some time that following a private conversation accidentally made public between Mr. Zuckerberg and Ms. Merkel in which she wanted Facebook to begin censoring criticism of Islam, Mr. Zuckerberg has become progressively more pro-Muslim. He was even Facebook-friended by the President of Turkey in thanks for his support […]

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They Did It Again! Muslim Refugees In Calais BURN The Free Food, Clothes, Handouts, Etc. In Protest

This is the second time in less that three months that Muslims in the Calais camp have been caught throwing away food, clothes, and free items given to them by generous private donors and taxpayer-funded handouts. Here is the most recent video:   And here is the last time it happened in October 2015: Now these same people, […]

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“The School Did Nothing To Help Him Establish His Honor” Father Defends 14-Year-Old Muslim Son’s Premeditated Stabbing Murder of 15-Year-Old Lithuanian Classmate For Pushing His Son Because He Was Sexually Harassing A Non-Muslim Girl

14-year-old Ahmed Mustafa Al-Haj was one of these Syrian “refugees” and was constantly harassing a non-Muslim girl in his classroom in Broby, Sweden. One day another boy, 15- year-old Lithuanian Arminas Pileckas, a fellow classmate, had enough of the harassment and confronted Al-Haj. His classmates made a video of it, which you can see below: […]

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Savage “Migrant” In Dutch “Diversity” Class Attacks His Teacher Who Has A Broken Arm

This video originally was filmed in December 2015 but was posted online on January 18th, 2016. Notice how fellow “diverse” students called for the attacker to “finish him,” i.e. his teacher. Notice how none of these “diverse” students did anything to stop the fight, or help clean up the mess their fellow “comrade” made in the […]

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Dutchmen Take To The Streets To Protest Government-Supported Muslim Invasion Of Their Town

Dutchmen protesting the government-backed Muslim invasion of their town Several days ago we reported that residents of the small town of Heesch were very upset about the Dutch government building a large complex to house at least 500 Muslim “refugees” in their city without their consent, and they responded by hanging a pig’s carcass at the […]

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“Morocco And Algeria Must Take Back Rejected “Refugees”” Says German Economic MInister

Sigmar Gabriel, German Vice-Chancellor and Economic Minister This is another small step in a larger plan which Germany must take if she wants to try to avoid having a civil war. The question is, will Germany actually follow through on this? Additionally, if one of these Muslim countries says “no,” will Germany respond, and if so, […]

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Terrifying Photo Found On Cell Phone Of Dead ISIS Fighter

This photo was found on the cell phone of a dead ISIS fighter as they were capturing a Christian family. It was originally posted on LiveLeak, and most likely all of the women in this photo, including the children, were raped and murdered or sold as slaves. Look at their faces: This is ISIS. This […]

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“Islam Is Incompatible With Western Life” Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman Says NO MUSLIM REFUGEES

Czech President Milos Zeman Czech President Milos Zeman made the news last year when he criticized Islam and Muslims, saying that it was incompatible with European culture and life. In a recent interview, President Zeman again emphasized that Islam was the problem and the Muslims who would like to keep their culture should stay in their own […]

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Good Luck! Muslim MP Says She Will “Tear Donald To Shreds” In Debate

33-year-old Muslim Socialist Labour MP Ms. Tulip Siddiqui has promised to “tear Donald to shreds” in a debate in the British Parliament over whether or not he should be banned from the UK. Via the UK Telegraph: Friends of Ms Siddiq said she will be “tearing” Mr Trump to “shreds” during today’s debate. The Labour […]

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Court Requires NYPD to Purge Docs on Terrorists Inside U.S.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the […]

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