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Christians In Iraq Face Increasing Discrimination In Government As Their Numbers Slowly Dwindle

Christians in Iraq have been severely persecuted for the last decade and a half. From once being active participants in previous governments, including that of Saddam Hussein, they now are an isolated and dwindling minority that faces constant and increasing persecution for being Christians. Such was confirmed by a recent story, which found that the […]

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pakistan mob 01

Christians Across Pakistan Are Being Attacked, Pulled Out Of Their Cars And Beaten Over Asia Bibi Case

Christians throughout Pakistan have faced many troubles, but the recent acquittal of Asia Bibi’s case has resulted in an explosion of violence against Christians, where many are reporting attacks and even being pulled out of their cars and beaten according to a report: Christians have been dragged out of their cars and beaten, and said […]

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Married Man Obsessed With Masturbating Into Other Men’s Intestines Murders His Wife

Mitesh Patel was a married man and a closet homosexual who enjoyed using the gay phone app Grindr, which has been used by more than a few homosexual murderers (see here and here), terrorists, congressmen, slave trafficking, and has been indicted in helping to spread HIV. He used to use the app to indulge in homosexual sex […]

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American Couple And Friends Torture Man And His Girlfriend With Axes And Knives, Drive Staples Into Their Faces, Shock And Rape Them With A Stun Gun, Has A Dog Maul Them, And Then Hung From A Tree Over $185 Debt

American couple and their conspirators were sentenced to life in prison after horribly torturing another couple to death over a $185 drug debt. According to a report the couple was beaten with knives and axes, raped with a stun gun, had staples driven into their face, were mauled by a dog, and then hung from […]

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trump cult of personality

The Trump Movement Has Become A Cult Of Personality

By Andrew Bieszad  Normally I don’t read comments, let alone respond to them. However, this time I would like to address a few issues. A number of days ago, I put up an article about a state representative from New Hampshire, Frank Sapareto, who is being sued by a pornographic director he worked with for […]

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ukrainian training nationalist camp 01

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Are Now Opening Military Camps Teaching Kids To Be Soldiers, Saying “Don’t Think Of Your Target As A Human Being”

It is nearly impossible to separate the term “Ukrainian nationalism” from National Socialism because the former is not merely a product of the latter, but has been actively promoted as such in order to serve as a “counterbalance” to the “international socialism” embraced by the former USSR during the 20th century. It is one part […]

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isis in custody

In Two Days Egypt Sentences Dozens Of ISIS Terrorists To Lengthy Jail Terms Or Death

After years of terrorizing Christians, Egypt’s government continues to crack down on ISIS terror cells, as dozens of people in two days have been either sentenced to lengthy prison terms or death: An Egyptian court on Thursday, November 8 sentenced 65 suspected Islamic State members to between five years and life in prison for setting […]

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One Hundred Hindu Zealots Attack Christians During Prayer Meeting And Severely Beat The Pastor Because They Could

Hindu terrorists throughout India continue their violent attempts to destroy and intimidate Christians in India from practicing their faith. In another round of violence, a Christian pastor was attacked during a prayer meeting by a mob of one hundred Hindu zealots and he was severely beaten according to a report: A Christian prayer meeting was […]

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Four Nigerian Priests Kidnapped By Armed Men Set Free

Last week, four Catholic priests were kidnapped and being held for ransom in Nigeria. An update to the story shows that over the weekend the four priests were rescued and arrests made according to a report: Four priests kidnapped in Nigeria’s Delta State last week have been released. The Catholic priests were abducted by gunmen […]

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Chinese Catholic Bishop Arrested By Atheist Government And Is Now Being Forced To Undergo ‘Reeducation’

The Chinese persecution of the Church continues with full force as the Catholic Bishop of Wenzhou, China was just taken by the police and is being forced to undergo ‘reeducation’ according to a report: The bishop of Wenzhou (Zhejiang), Msgr. Pietro Shao Zhumin, was kidnapped by police this morning at 9 and will be kept […]

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Government Uses Public DNA Database To Solve Murder Cold Case

A public DNA database was used to solve a murder cold case according to a report: A family’s nearly two-decade wait to find out who killed their beloved daughter came to an end this month, as investigators announced an arrest in the cold case. The Orlando Police Department said Monday that 38-year-old Benjamin L. Holmes […]

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California Wildfires

California Is Burning Down As Historic Fires Consume Everything In Their Path

Wildfires are all over California right now, consuming many parts of the state and threatening the entire Los Angeles area: The most destructive wildfire in California history leveled nearly the entire city of Paradise as firefighters battled massive fires on both sides of the state. At least 23 people were killed by the so-called Camp […]

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Trump Eulogizes The Dead On Veterans Day While His Policies Prepare To Make More Dead Veterans To Eulogize

President Trump visited France where among the rise in nationalism and increase in militarism, with much of the work being done by US policies that has the potential to lead to a major conflict on the scale of a third global war, he eulogized the dead in World War I: Eschewing global politics, President Donald […]

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University Professor Declares To Major Catholic Newspaper That Bishops Are “Embarrassed” Of Catholic Teaching

A recent two part interview in the National Catholic Register with Oxford University Professor Thomas Pink discussed the state of the Church. The full interview is available in part one and part two, but there are two major points that the interview makes below: Yes. The Church’s magisterial teaching is increasingly embarrassing to many bishops […]

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Drug Cartel Terrorists Brutally Execute Members Of Rival Cartel In Mexican Cemetery

The cemetery of Jardines del Humaya in the state of Sinaloa is known as the “cartel cemetery,” where many drug lords go to rest. While Mexico is majority Catholic, as it has been noted many times, the Cartels are anything but Catholic, but embrace a concept of an idealized Aztec pagan past that serves as […]

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Terrorists Kidnap Four Catholic Priests At Gunpoint In Nigeria

War continues to rage in Nigeria, and in a recent story coming out of Nigeria, four Catholic priests were kidnapped at gunpoint: Nigerian officials are condemning the kidnapping of four Roman Catholic priests by armed gunmen earlier this week. Benue State Gov. Samuel Ortom called the abduction of the priests in Delta State on Tuesday […]

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