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PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI:  Members of the Haitian Police supported by French Special Forces are deployed prior to weapons being turned in by hardline supporters of exiled ex-president Jean Bertrand Aristide 17 March 2004 in the notorious slum neighborhood of Cite Soleil of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince. The pro-Aristide gangs handed in pistols and automatic rifles to the police at an outdoor ceremony attended by French troops who were mocked by residents of Cite Soleil, a bastion of support for the former leader who resigned and fled the country 29 February 2004.  AFP PHOTO / HECTOR MATA   (Photo credit should read HECTOR MATA/AFP/Getty Images)

Horrific Massacre In Haiti: Armed Men Dressed With Masks And Police Uniforms Go House To House Pulling People Out. They Round Up Twenty One People And Hack Them To Death With Machetes Or Shoot Them To Death

By Theodore Shoebat There was a horrific massacre in Haiti, in which armed men dressed with masks and police uniforms went house to house rounding people up, eventually taking twenty one, hacking them to pieces or shooting them to their deaths. As we read in one report from the Independent: At least 21 people have been […]

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Kirsten Gaskins faces charges including assault, harassment and cruelty to animals (From Fox 29)

Lesbian Woman Gets Mad That The Eagles Lost To New Orleans, Gets Her Girlfriend’s Dog And Puts It In The Microwave

By Theodore Shoebat From the wacky world of the depths of the most diabolical people of the United States, another dismal story arises from the surface of local news. A lesbian woman on Pennsylvania got mad that the Eagles lost to New Orleans and so decided to put her girlfriend’s dog in the microwave. As […]

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Episcopalian Bishop Bans All Homosexual Weddings In His Diocese. Now The Episcopalian Church Is Punishing Him

By Theodore Shoebat An Episcopalian bishop recently banned all homosexual weddings in his diocese. Now the Episcopalian church is punishing him. As we read in a report from the Christian Post: An Episcopal Church bishop who was punished for refusing to allow gay marriages in his diocese has stated that he plans to appeal the […]

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How Iran Rescued Thousands Of People From The Holocaust

By Theodore Shoebat How many people know that Iran actually rescued people from the Nazi reign of terror. It is a fascinating reality of history that very few people ever discuss. There is a detailed article about this that was published by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I will post some excerpts here: In July […]

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Yellow Vesters In France Brutally Beat Up A Journalist, They Surround Another Journalist And Say: ‘We Are Going To Pull You Out Of Your Car And Rape You!’

By Theodore Shoebat Yellow Vesters in France brutally beat up a journalist. They also surrounded a female journalist while she is in her car and told her that they will pull her out of her car and rape her. The mobs support this behavior. Welcome to the Euro Spring: According to one report from the […]

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yellow vests cover photo

84,000 People In France Take To The Streets To Protest Against Macron

By Theodore Shoebat The Euro Spring continues on as 84,000 people took to the streets to protest against the government. As we read in a report from Tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out across France for new protests against President Emmanuel Macron, amid a marked decline in violence despite dozens of arrests and […]

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Man With Down Syndrome In Germany Who Survived Abortion Dies At The Age Of 21

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Germany who survived an abortion has died at the age of 21. As we read in a report from the Irish Times: Tim was not supposed to be born, and certainly not to live. Now the man who survived a failed late-term abortion in 1997 has died aged 21. […]

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The Government Of New York Now Wants To Make Infanticide As Part Of Its Constitution

By Theodore Shoebat The forces of eugenics never stop in their cause for murder, as the government of New York now wants to make infanticide — what they call abortion — as a right embedded right into the state’s constitution. As we read in a report from Democrat & Chronicle: Gov. Andrew Cuomo called Monday […]

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Major American Pastor Declares That Christians Must Reject The Ten Commandments

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat Major American pastor, Andy Stanley, recently said that Christians “are not required to obey any of the commandments found in the first part of their Bibles”. In an article written by Stanley, the pastor effectively argues for indifference for the removal of the Ten Commandments from courthouses because, as […]

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Violence In Ukraine Is A Bloody Image That Presages Another Horrific War That Will Devastate Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Millions of people have suffered in Ukraine because of the political machinations of both NATO and Russia. A recent report from the BPB recounts this dismal reality: Since 2014, more than 10,000 people have died in the war. According to the German Red Cross , around 3.4 million people were dependent on humanitarian aid in […]

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The Government Of Pennsylvania Rules: ‘Unborn Children Are Not Human Beings, Therefore Taking Drugs While Pregnant Is Not Child Abuse.’

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Pennsylvania has ruled that taking drugs while pregnant is not child abuse. The premise of the argument entails the insidious belief that unborn children are not human beings and therefore have no rights. As we read in one report from the Daily Item: A state lawmaker wants the Legislature […]

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Right Wing Ideologues Are Fooling Christians While They Push An Anti-Christian Agenda

By Theodore Shoebat In this video I parallel the strategy of Enlightenment ideologues of the 18th century — in which they posed themselves as pious and respectful of Christianity — and numerous Right-wing ideologues of today who present themselves as for American security and Christian values, when in reality they are for an evil agenda: […]

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