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How Jews Understood The Bible Before Jesus Came: An Amazing Journey To Unlock Biblical Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) Prior to the advent of Christianity, Israel spoke a simple but nevertheless, a potent language: colloquial Palestinian Aramaic. That language had an amazing construct. The language of the Old Testament, (once understood from that time period) will not only take us back to the mindset and the times just before Jesus […]

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Turkish Imperialism And The Rise Of The Next German Reich: Germany And Austria Declare That They Will Be Expanding Their Border Patrols Into The Balkans, As Germany, Austria And Italy Plan On Forming “Axis” Coalition, While Austria Pushes For Muslim Albania To Become A Member Of The European Union

By Theodore Shoebat The Austrians are talking about expanding their border patrol into the Balkan states, while at the same time they want Albania — Turkey’s biggest ally in the Balkans — to become an EU member state, which will only give more leverage to the Turks. Moreover — and surprisingly this has not been […]

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Suburban Housewife In France Caught Running One Of The Biggest Illegal Arms Trades On The Internet

By Theodore Shoebat A suburban house wife and mother of two in France was arrested for running one of the biggest illegal platforms on the dark web used for selling arms and drugs. As we read from one report from RT: French police made an unexpected arrest while investigating the ‘Black Hand’ dark web forum […]

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The US Senate Votes To Not Give American F-35s To Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat The US Senate has just voted to not give American F-35s to Turkey, as we read in a report from RT: US Senators have voted to block the sale of F-35s to Turkey, slamming their NATO ally for plans to buy Russian S-400 missile batteries. Ankara warned of “an alternative” should the […]

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The Italian Government Refuses To Accept A Ship With Hundreds Of Refugees. The Catholic Dioceses Of Valencia In Spain Accepts The Refugees Instead

By Theodore Shoebat As the Italian government intensifies in its nationalism, it recently refused to accept a ship holding hundreds of refugees. The Catholic diocese of Valencia in Spain has decided to accept the migrants. As we read in one report from Crux: A rescue ship in the Mediterranean carrying 630 African migrants is on […]

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Pope Francis Urges Italy And France To Help Refugees

By Theodore Shoebat A ship with six hundred refugees tried to enter Italy, but was rejected by the Italian government. For this, the Italian government has received rebuke from Pope Francis who said that Italy and France must work together to help refugees. As we read in a report from Reuters: Italy and France tried […]

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Major Japanese Official Declares That He Does Not Trust The Deal With North Korea

By Theodore Shoebat A major Japanese official has expressed his distrust with Trump’s deal with North Korea. I sense that this whole ‘deal’ is going to fragment and break apart. As we read in a report from the Mainichi: If the United States chooses to proceed with negotiations on the elimination of North Korea’s intercontinental […]

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Trump Says That Now He’s Made A ‘Deal’ With North Korea, He Wants To Do A ‘Real Deal’ With Iran

By Theodore Shoebat Trump recently said that now he’s made a ‘deal’ North Korea, he wants to make a ‘real deal’ with Iran. As we read in one report from CNBC: Basking in the afterglow of his apparently constructive meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump said that he’d soon like […]

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