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All Of Sweden’s Mainstream Parties, Including The Nazi Sweden Democrats, Are Pushing For Sweden To Boost Its Military To Prepare For War With Russia

By Theodore Shoebat All of Sweden’s mainstream parties, including the Nazi Sweden Democrats, are lobbying for a boost in Sweden’s military in midst of fears of a rising Russia. Defense News recently put up a report on some of the details of this situation: The Swedish military can expect to see a sizable increase in its annual […]

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Report: Danish Soliders Open Fire On Iran Backed Militia In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat A recent report affirms that Danish soldiers have opened fire on Iran backed militia in Syria, as we read in a recent article from Kurdistan24: The Iran-backed Hashd al-Shaabi on Sunday accused forces in the US-led coalition battling the Islamic State (IS) of shelling the militia group’s encampment in the Iraqi-Syrian border […]

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After Russia Declares That Israel Was Responsible For The Downing Of A Russian Plane, The Russian Government Will Now Be Giving Syria An S-300 Air Defense System As A Response To Israel

By Theodore Shoebat After Russia declared that Israel was responsible for the downing of a Russian plane last week, the Russian government will now be giving an S-300 air defense system to Syria as a response to Israel. As we read in one report from RT: Within two weeks Russia will deliver to Damascus an […]

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altmaer Berat Albayrak

Major German Politicians Meet With Prominent Turkish Official To Discuss Germany’s Historical Connections With The Ottoman Empire And How This Is A New Era Of The German-Turkish Alliance. Prepare Yourself For The Turco-Germanic Reign Of Terror

By Theodore Shoebat The Turkish and Germany governments have just declared that Turkey and Germany will be coming to a new era of cooperation between the two countries. The Finance Minister of Turkey, Berat Albayrak recently had a meeting with the German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, and the German Economy and Energy Minister Peter Altmaier, in […]

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Israel Is Responsible For The Destruction Of The Russian Plane, Russian Government Declares

By Theodore Shoebat The Russian government has recently reported that it was Israel who was responsible for the shooting down of the Russian plane that was destroyed in mid air. According to one report from USA Today: A Russian reconnaissance aircraft was brought down by a Syrian missile over the Mediterranean, killing all 15 people […]

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soldiers turks and americans

The United States Military Will Now Be Patrolling Syria With Turkish Soldiers On Their Sides

By Theodore Shoebat The United States military will now be patrolling Syria with Turkish soldiers on their sides. For all of you fools out there that fell for the hype that ‘American troops could get into a fire fight with Turkish soldiers in Manbij,’ here you go: Turkey and the United States have almost completed […]

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Islamic Terrorists Butcher 250 Christians In Just Two Months

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Nigeria have butchered 250 Christians in just two months, as we read in one report from Christian Headlines: On September 14, two Christian boys were murdered by Fulani radicals in Nigeria, making the total number of lives claimed by this violence over 250 in just two months. According to […]

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Catholic Priest In Chicago Takes LGBT Flag That Was Placed In The Church To Make It “Gay Friendly” And Sets It On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat A Catholic priest in the diocese of Chicago recently set an LGBT flag on fire. The flag was placed in the parish to make the church more “gay friendly.” According to a report from the Chicago Sun Times: A North Side priest who says he “can’t sit well” with Cardinal Blase Cupich […]

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A Catholic church destroyed by Islamic State militants in Karamdes, Iraq, is examined by a priest following the 2016 liberation of the predominantly Christian town. St. John the Baptist Parish Knights of Columbus Council 10305 in Fort Calhoun, Neb., is supporting an effort to help Christians in Syria and Iraq who were driven from their homes by terrorism, genocide and war. (CNS photo/courtesy Archdiocese of Irbil) See KNIGHTS-COUNCIL-CHRISTIANS to come.

Islamic Terrorists Enter Christian Village, And Slaughter Ten People

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Syria entered a Christian village and slaughtered ten people. As we read in one report from CBN: Al-Qaeda-linked rebels recently targeted a mostly Christian town in Syria, firing missiles and killing at least 10 people. Al-Masdar News reported, the jihadist rebels launched the attack last week in response to […]

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The US Government Is Now Pushing Germany To Use Its Military In Syria. This Is All Helping To Revive German Militarism

By Theodore Shoebat The United States, through its sodomite Ambassador Richard Grenell,  is now pressuring Germany to deploy troops into Syria. As we read in a report from Spiegel Online: Under pressure from the United States, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her defense minister have signaled an increased willingness to take military action against Syrian President […]

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Storms Of Missiles “From The Sea” Strike Syria, Injuring Seven People

By Theodore Shoebat A storm of missiles have struck Syria. The missiles were targeting the Technical Industries Agency headquarters, which is located in Latakia. A Syrian government states that the missiles were “from the sea” while others say that they came from drones. Video from the aggression on #Latakia — Kevork Almassian (@KevorkAlmassian) September […]

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Major Homosexual Rally Floods Serbia, And It Is All Being Backed By Western Money

By Theodore Shoebat A major sodomite rally has hit the city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. As we read in one report from Balkan Insight: Belgrade Pride Week 2018 will take place from September 10th to 16th under the slogan, “Reci da!”, or “Say Yes!” in English. The title was selected to highlight the list of […]

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Kavanaugh was accused by Christine Blassey Ford of sexual assault

Make No Mistake About It, The Person Who Is Accusing Kavanaugh Of Rape Is An Evil Woman Who Supports Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Just days before the Senate Judiciary votes for is going to vote on whether or not Brett Kavanaug will be appointed into the Supreme Court, some woman — not surprisingly — has popped up to scream rape. According to one report from Fox News: Just days before the Senate Judiciary Committee was […]

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The United States Is Working Slowly To Further Destroy Syria

By Theodore Shoebat The measure to do regime change in Iraq was very quick beginning in the early 2000s, with Shock & Awe, the bombings and the capture and execution of Iraq. But with Syria the US working gradually in its policy to do regime change. I talk about this difference and why I believe […]

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US President Donald Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin hold a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, on July 7, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The Trump-Russia Collusion Story Is A Distraction To Keep You From Observing The Reality That American Foreign Policy Is Directed By A Cabal Of War Lobbyists

By Theodore Shoebat The title is self-explanatory. I have never made a comment on the hyped up story because I have always suspected that its just one big distraction from the reality of the US insidious foreign policy. This is my opinion on the Trump-Russian collusion hype: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website […]

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