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Actual And Literal Islamic Human Slaughterhouses For Christians Discovered

EXCLUSIVE By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat Saif Al-Adlubi told the story when the Egyptian butcher would examine the row of people who were waiting their execution. Al-Adlubi witnessed at least two Armenians who were waiting their turn to be slaughtered since no one paid their ransom, the sum of $100,000 each. “He grabbed the […]

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While Obama Helps Jihadists, He Kills Christians

By The Persecuted Christian As we have already pointed out in part 1 that the persecution of Christians in the Middle East is accelerating and nobody is paying attention. The rise in Islamic militancy is a byproduct of the Arab Spring and Christian minorities throughout the Islamic world are facing threats that until now, are […]

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Muslims Torture Christian Missionaries For Two Hours, Then Murder Them

By Theodore Shoebat (EXCLUSIVE) In 2007, Muslims in Turkey trapped three Evangelical Christians and tortured them for three hours. The savages filmed them as they were being disemboweled, dismembered, and stabbed hundreds of times. When the police arrived, their throats were cut. The killers revealed their motives, and they were completely Islamic: We did it […]

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Muslims Slaughter 150 Christians, Including Poor Pastor And His Wife

By Theodore Shoebat Forty Muslim herdsman in the area of Kaduna in Nigeria butchered 150 Christians in cold blood. They shot at them with their guns, and those who tried to run were hunted down like animals and butchered horrendously. Among those killed were a poor pastor and his wife. The Muslims entered the town […]

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Paving The Way For The Coming Christian Holocaust

By Walid Shoebat The average Joe finds himself lost trying to keep track of the politics within the Middle East. One smart contributor to the Financial Times presented the contradictory alliances of the region’s complicated nature in eight simple paragraphs: “Sir, Iran is backing Assad. Gulf states are against Assad!
 Assad is against Muslim Brotherhood. […]

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Investigators Confirm Malaysia Airlines Plane Was Hijacked

By Theodore Shoebat An official from the Malaysian government has confirmed that the Malaysia airlines airplane was hijacked. They conclude that either the pilot or someone with flying experience hijacked the plane. It is no longer theory, in fact the exact words of the official were: It is conclusive. The key evidence that the plane’s […]

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Muslims Force Young Christian Girls To Watch Their Mother Get Beheaded

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Somalia seized two Christians, a mother of two daughters and her cousin, and after calling the entire village to gather together, they beheaded them in cold blood. The Muslims were so absent of shame, that they even had the woman’s two daughters, ages 8 and 15, watch their own mother […]

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Savage Mob Captures Nun, Rapes Her, And Then Parades Her Through The Streets

By Theodore Shoebat A savage mob in India angrily entered a certain house and seized a nun who was in hiding, dragged her outside where three Hindu heathens raped and molested her, and then paraded her naked through the streets. As one journalist writes: The 29-year-old Catholic nun was attacked by a mob and raped […]

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Islamists Plan To Commit Major Genocide Of Christians

EXCLUSIVE By Kamil Toume Islamists are planning on committing a major genocide on Christians. How do we know this? History is a portal into the future. The Muslims committed one of the greatest genocides on Christians in history: The Armenian Genocide. The Armenians, a Christian group, had lived in the rugged mountain region of eastern […]

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Muslims Annihilate 106 People In Brutal Massacre

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims butchered countless people, killing as many as 106. The Muslims entered villages in Nigeria’s northwestern Katsina State where they committed this major massacre. One local said: The gunmen who rode on motorcycles invaded many villages leaving more than 100 people dead … people were killed in my home town while numerous […]

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17 Year Old Girl Gets Savagely Raped By Muslim Father And Brother

By Theodore Shoebat A young 17 year old girl in Jordan was savagely and repeatedly raped by her Muslim father and brother. She was eventually impregnated and just recently gave birth. Both the father and the brother, if convicted, will face up to 20 years in prison. One official said: She said that her father […]

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Muslims Massacre Poor Farmer Families In Cold Blood (Absolutely Horrific)

Posted by Theodore Shoebat Watch this absolutely disturbing video showing Muslims massacring poor farmer families in their barn, including children. This type of violence is happening to Christians every day, and it is incumbent of us to work hard to rescue them. PLEASE DONATE NOW TO SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES IN SYRIA, IRAQ, AND PAKISTAN

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Crowd of 250 Violent And Rage Filled People Attack Pastor

By Theodore Shoebat A crowed consisting of 250 people attacked a pastor and his wife in Sri Lanka, beating them up and commanding others not to associate themselves with them. But the mob was not Muslim, it was Buddhist. This brings me back to what I have been writing on recently: Buddhism and Islam both […]

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Muslims Demand For Pedophilia To Be Legalized

EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat The top religious authorities of Pakistan, called The Council of Islamic Ideology, have deemed the prohibition of child marriage, which is really pedophilia, as contrary to Islam. They attacked Pakistan’s Prohibition of Child Marriages Act as something that goes against Islam. Tahir Ashrafi, a member of the council, protested with these […]

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Muslims Behead Christian Man And Feed His Body To Dogs

EXCLUSIVE By The Persecuted Christian and Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria beheaded a Christian man and fed his body to dogs, according to a nun who says the West is ignoring atrocities committed by Islamic extremist. This west is flat out wrong by siding with people they know are barbaric and whom they fight in […]

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Christians Must Become Militant If They Are To Survive

EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat If Christians are to survive, they are going to have to become militant, rather than relying on the watered down secular Conservative Movement. The Conservative Movement is becoming a cult. It has become a group that accepts only a number of morals from Christianity, while being either indifferent or sometimes vindictive […]

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