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Nationalism Is A Scam

By Theodore Shoebat Nationalism is a scam, a ploy used by financial elites to deceive the masses to revolt and to think that they are fighting for a good cause when they are just really striving to fulfill the agendas of the financiers of the rebellion: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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Do Not Be Deceived, Jordan Peterson Is Satanic And Is Pushing Darwinism And Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat Jordan Peterson has been praised as a prophet, a wiseman and as one of the biggest enemies of the Left. But when we uncover the veneer of his fame, what we find is an ideology and religion of Darwinism, heresy and eugenics.   The fame around the intellectual Jordan Peterson is immense. We […]

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South Sudan: 125 Women Raped In Just Ten Days

125 women in South Sudan sought medical attention after being raped, in just ten days. This horror was reported on by the BBC: Dozens of women and girls have been subjected to rape and other violence over the past 10 days in a northern region of South Sudan, Doctors Without Borders has said. A midwife […]

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The Government Of Ukraine Bans All Russian Men Ages 16 To 60

The government of Ukraine just put a ban on all Russian men ages 16 to 60. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, and it would not be surprising that this could ripple effect into a greater conflict in Europe. As read in one report from RT: Ukraine will not allow Russian men […]

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Honduras Is So Violent That Its Not Surprising That Hondurans Want To Come To The US

Honduras is so violent that its not surprising that Hondurans want to come to the US. There is an article that was written recently by Amelia Frank-Vitale who lives in Honduras as a researcher, and she speaks about the horrendous violence in the country. I’ll share some excerpts here: At the end of October, I […]

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Syrian And Russian Governments Both Report That The Chemical Attack That Injured Over 100 People Was Done By Rebels

By Theodore Shoebat The governments of Syria and Russia have reported that the chemical attack that injured over 100 people was done by rebels. As we read from the Huffington Post: Syria accused insurgents of wounding more than 100 people in a suspected toxic gas attack in Aleppo, which a health official described as the […]

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Major Jewish Groups Declare: ‘The New Testament Is Anti-Semitic. We Need A New Version Of The New Testament To Combat Anti-Semitism.’

By Theodore Shoebat A conference of major Jewish groups recently took place in Brussels in which they expressed concern about “anti-semitic” passages in the New Testament and talked about how a new version of the New Testament should be made to combat anti-semitism: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going

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Iran Now Wants To Sell Its Own Fighter Jet And Has Already Made Agreements With Russia, China And Indonesia

The Iranian government has said that it is now ready to export its own fighter jet. Here is a report from Press TV, which states that Iran has already made deals with Russia, China and Indonesia: Iran says it is ready to export domestically built fighter jets after showcasing them to potential buyers during an […]

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Stop Idealizing Political Systems. All Political Systems Can Be Used For Evil, And Are Used For Evil

By Theodore Shoebat A lot of people like to put too much focus on political systems, as if they are the answer. They will say that we need is democracy, what we need is a republic, or even a monarchy or dictatorship. No political system is the solution because all political systems can be used […]

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