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Italians Combat Islam, Refuse To Allow Islamic Art Museum

By Theodore Shoebat In the land where Italian Christians once arose to fight Muslims and the advancement of Islam, there still lies a remnant of that Crusader spirit in the city of Venice, where conservative Italian are refusing to allow a Muslim art museum. Prime minister of Italy, Enrico Letta, announced the plan to have […]

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You are a Racist if you DON'T criticize this man.

Obama’s Brother Works With Muslim Who Murdered Christian Man

By Theodore Shoebat It has been proven, on the Shoebat website, many a time that Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, works with Omar al-Bashir, the Muslim dictator of North Sudan. Well today it was reported that Omar al-Bashir bombed a Christian area in the South Kordofan state, in which they dropped three bombs on Damardago village; […]

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Muslims Attack Christian Professor, And Cut His Hand Off

By Theodore Shoebat TJ Joseph, a Christian professor of Newman College in India, was attacked by a Muslim mob after being accused of blasphemy against the prophet Muhammad. The Muslims cut his hand, and part of his arm, right off in Muvattupuzha. A case was observed in Kerala, and one man, Sajan George, president of […]

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Muslims Lynch Christian Man, Relative Says, “They cut his neck like a cow”

By Theodore Shoebat A Christian man, named Pumandele, was attacked by a Muslim mob; they grabbed him pushed him around, stabbed him and then cut his throat. They then dumped his body into a ditch. A Washington Post journalist actually witnessed the slaughter. When the Muslims saw him, they said to him, ““Allez, allez — […]

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Muslims Stone Girl To Death, For Using Facebook

By Theodore Shoebat A girl was stoned to death by Muslims in Syria just for using Facebook. Our contact, Hatune Dogan, wrote on the occurrence: Fattoum Al Jassim is a girl from Al Raqqa State in Syria ( A syrian governorate that is controlled by DAESH, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq ). The […]

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Pastor Receives This Message: “You must leave the region or you’ll die.”

By Theodore Shoebat In Columbia, recently, a pastor received this letter from the socialist-marxist organization, FARC: You must leave the region or you’ll die. The socialists also included a photo of a coffin alongside the letter. The socialists, as they always have, want to massacre the Christians in Colombia. They are no different than the […]

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Iran Makes Video Of Iranian Planes Bombing Tel Aviv

By Theodore Shoebat Iran has broadcasted a simulation of Iranian fighter jets bombing Israel. Here is the video: The presentation also showed Iranian planes bombing the Ben Gurion airport in Israel: It had another view of Tel Aviv being bombed These Muslims want to wipe Israel and Christendom off the face of the map. PLEASE […]

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Christian Man Almost Beaten To Death by Muslims, But He Is Miraculously Rescued

Posted by Theodore Shoebat Watch this video of a Christian man’s testimony, in which he (a modern day St. Paul) explains how he was sentenced to death by the Muslim government, how he was tortured, almost beaten to death, placed in a crazy house for years, placed in another prison for several more years, and […]

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Muslims Defecate In Church, Cover Christian Man In Gasoline And Light Him On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in Syria defecated in a church, ripped the pages of the Bible, fired rockets at the crosses, and took a Christian man, doused him with gasoline, and then lit him on fire. Here is the video: AFTER WATCHING, PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE THE CHRISTIANS OF SYRIA

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Muslims Carry Box And Say It Has Cake, But What Was Found Inside Of It Will Disturb You

By Theodore Shoebat Two Armenian Christians from Aleppo were kidnapped by Muslim fighters from a bus. When the jihadists returned to the bus, they were carrying a box in which, they said, had cakes. But when the box was opened, the severed heads of the two Christians were found. Riad Jarjour, a Presbyterian pastor from […]

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Muslims Shoot Christian Man And Place His Daughter In Prison, But We Rescue Them

By Theodore Shoebat Watch this heart wrenching video of a father and daughter giving their testimony of how Rescue Christians delivered them from Islamic violence and brought to another country where they are now safe. We rescued them, and by we, I mean all of us, who donated to our rescue team. Without you, these […]

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Muslims To Christians: “the unsheathed swords of Islam will be raised on your necks in your own houses.”

By Theodore Shoebat After Muslim fundamentalists invaded the ancient Christian city of Saidnaya, the Muslim terrorist gang, Jabhat al-Nusra, made this declaration to all Christians: Over the two years we have been fighting, you supported the tyrant of Damascus and his thugs. You were uninvolved, and we protected you. Now, you have turned your churches […]

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Muslims Torture Crippled Christian Man, For One Whole Night (Heartbreaking Video)

By Theodore Shoebat Watch this horrifying video of an elderly Christian man recounting how his crippled son was viciously tortured by Muslims for one whole night, how the Muslims threatened to strip his wife naked, and how Rescue Christians helped deliver his family. AFTER WATCHING THIS, PLEASE DONATE TO SAVE THE LIVES OF THESE CHRISTIANS

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