German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (R) listens to his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif (L) during a press conference at the Foreign Ministry in Berlin on June 27, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / John MACDOUGALL

Germany And Iran Make Economic And Technological Agreement As A Way To Affront American Power

By Theodore Shoebat Germany and Iran just made an economic and technological agreement. This is all a way to affront American power. MENAFN reports: Iran was announced to have inked a memorandum of understanding with Germany, joining hands in providing training and education for industry managers and entrepreneurs. Managing Director of Iran Small Industries and […]

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Nationalist German Politician Makes A Pilgrimage To The Birthplace Of Hitler And Lights A Candle For Him

By Theodore Shoebat A nationalist German politician recently made a “pilgrimage” to the birthplace of Hitler and lit a candle for him. As we read in one report from RT: An Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician got himself in hot water over photos of his “pilgrimage” to Hitler-related sites. The party acknowledged the existence of […]

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Putin Announces That Islamic Terrorists Have Taken Seven Hundred Hostages, And That Some Of Them Are Americans And Have Been Executed Already. He Also Warns That These Terrorists Are In The Area Where The US Is Protecting Rebels

By Theodore Shoebat Putin has recently announced that Islamic terrorists have take around 700 hostages, and that some of these hostages are Americans and Europeans and that some have been killed. He also specified that these terrorists are in an area where the US is protecting rebels. As we read in one report from Aleteia: […]

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What Could The Next Terrorist Attack Look Like?

There is always much speculation about how another terrorist attack may look. Some have speculated that just at the attack at the World Trade Center was meant to represent “America,” so would another major icon of “Americanism” be attacked.” The following is an exercise in precisely this. What could such an attack look like, and […]

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Major State Of Alabama Court Decision Declares Unborn Babies Are Actually People

In a groundbreaking decision, the State of Alabama has ruled against abortion, stating that unborn babies are actually people: Today, the Alabama Supreme Court unanimously ruled in the case of Jessie Phillips v. State of Alabama that “the value of the life of an unborn child is no less than the value of the lives […]

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Half Of All Children In USA Are Now Born To Unmarried Parents

One of the signs of social decline of any society is a decline in marriage and the family, for the family is a microcosm of society. According to a recent study, now almost half of all children born in the USA are born to unmarried parents: Nearly half of American children are now born to […]

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Chinese Catholic Priest Declares That The Chinese Government Wants To “Eliminate All Religion”

A Chinese Catholic priest has recently declared that the Chinese government’s goal is to “eliminate all religion” according to a report: A Roman Catholic priest has warned that China’s ultimate goal is “eliminate all religion,” urging the Vatican to reconsider a major deal with the Communist government. Father Paul of Hebei province, as the priest […]

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mt athos greece

Russian Orthodox Now Forbidden From Praying At Major Orthodox Holy Site In What Has Become The Second Great Schism

In what is becoming the Second Great Schism, the Russian Orthodox Church has now forbidden Russian Orthodox Christians from praying at the monasteries and churches in what is regarded as one of the holiest sites among Orthodox Christians: Members of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) are now forbidden to pray and receive communion in the […]

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The French Government Declares That The EU Will Be Making A Financial System Outside Of American Control. The Europeans Are Revolting Against The American Empire

By Theodore Shoebat The French government just recently announced that the European Union will be making a financial system in order to bypass American control. The Europeans are revolting against the United States. As we read in one report from Channel News Asia: France’s foreign ministry said on Thursday a so-called Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) […]

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Pat Robertson Supports The Jihad, Says Selling Weapons To Muslim Terrorists Comes Before Principle

There has been a recent situation in the news over the murder of Jamal Khashogghi, nephew of the infamous weapons trafficker and US ally Adnan Khashogghi. The situation has caused a serious rift between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and in light of US suggestions that Saudi Arabia was behind the murder, Saudi Arabia has threatened […]

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Eugenics-Supporting Terrorist Attacks 65-Year-Old Man While Praying

A 65-year-old man was attacked by a supported or child murder as he silently prayed his rosary according to a report: A 65-year-old man praying outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Florida was hospitalized after being punched in the face by an attacker. Naples Daily News reported that Joe Alger was punched several times […]

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jaron bloshinsky

This Is What Genital Mutilation Actually Looks Like- NOT SAFE FOR WORK, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Jewish American sodomite Jaron Bloshinsky, known as “Jazz Jennings”, recently had “complications” while undergoing the “change” by mutilating his gentials to pretend to be a woman: Eleven years after first sharing her story with Barbara Walters at the age of just six, Jazz Jennings has completed her transition after undergoing gender affirmation surgery. In an […]

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Get Ready For The Rise Of The New Nazism

By Theodore Shoebat When we warn people about the rise of another German reich, people think that what we are saying is that the Germans are going to be waving swastika flags and sporting SS uniforms. But what we are saying is that there is going to be a repackaged and remarketed Nazism, with new […]

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A supporter of Greece's extreme right party Golden Dawn raises his hand in a Nazi-style salute during a rally in Athens on Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. About 3,000 people took part in the rally to commemorate a 1996 incident which cost the lives of three navy officers and brought Greece and Turkey to the brink of war. Six lawmakers of the party, including the Golden Dawn's leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, are in jail on charges of being members of a "criminal organization." A formerly marginal group with neo-Nazi roots, Golden Dawn exploded in popularity amid Greece's financial crisis. (AP Photo/Yannis Kolesidis).

Nationalism Is Rising. Prepare For The Great Turbulency

By Theodore Shoebat Nationalism is rising, and it is going to bring about turbulency to the world. In this video I talk about the rise of nationalism in light of historical precedent.  I end the video with a music video to further illustrate the current day surge in nationalism: Click Here To Donate To Keep […]

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