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Evil Mexican Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Church During Baptism, Execute Two People In Church

In the famous film The Godfather, the evil gangster Michael Corleone is attends his son’s baptism at the same time when he ordered a series of assassinations of his enemies. However, the reality is far worse, where in Mexico drug cartel terrorists attacked San Felipe de Jesus Church in Mazatlan, Sinaloa during a baptism and […]

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BOMBSHELL: PA Grand Jury Report Exposes Massive LGBT Infiltration Into Church, Homosexuals Sodomized Over A Thousand Children, Used Whips, Chains, Drugs, And Many Bishops Knew All About It

For years, it has been known that there has been a homosexual cabal in the Church who have used their position to engage in the worst forms of homosexual abuse. Now a report from six Pennsylvania diocese reveals a pattern of systemic abuse where predominately LGBT but also heterosexual priests engaged in the abuse of […]

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ancient monastery desert

Catholic Church Challenged Ban On Christianity After Saudi Arabian Government Forced To Admit They Found And Knew About Ruins Of An Ancient Christian Monastery

Saudi Arabia is infamous for its ban on Christianity and hatred of all things Christian. However, a recent admission of an archaeological discovery, which the Saudi Arabian government admits it knew about, of a Christian monastery’s ruins in the nation has lead the Catholic Church to directly challenge the Saudi government over its ban: The […]

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yemen citvil war

Saudi Arabia And Her Allies Are Wiping Out Priceless And Ancient Biblical Artifacts And Ruins In The War Against Yemen

Tens of thousands of people have been injured or killed in the Saudi Arabian government’s war against Yemen. Now the war is being taken to her ancient Biblical artifacts and ruins, which are in danger of being wiped out in the conflict: After years of internal conflict and ISIS insurgency across Iraq and Syria destroyed […]

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The Omarosa Affair Is Another Worthless Commercial In The Distraction That Is The Trump White House From His Campaign Promises And Re-Igniting Global Nationalism

Since President Trump assumed office, there has been a continual list of scandal, disruptions, and White House turmoil that would seem more fit for reality television than an office of government. In another scandal, Omarosa Manigault, a former actress on The Apprentice show with Donald Trump during his reality television days, secretly recorded private conversations […]

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People Who Tell You To “Just Be A Good Person” Are Nazis

By Theodore Shoebat Here is a video I did on some of my experiences with people who brag about how they want you to “just be a good person.” What I find is that they tend to be nazi types who are for Sodom and eugenics:  CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP SPREAD OUR […]

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Photo the church being burned

Satanist Burns Down 18th Century Christian Church

  By Theodore Shoebat A Satanist in Russia is said to have burned down an 18th century, as we read in one report from RT: A historic 18th century church has burned to the ground in Russia’s Republic of Karelia, after being deliberately set on fire. A teenager, referred to by some locals as a […]

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Leaked Cables Expose CIA Employees Writing Gay Erotica About Torturing Prisoners With Homosexual Acts During Interrogations

In another torture scandal breaking, leaked cables expose that CIA employees stationed at a US installation in Thailand where Muslim prisoners have been tortured have been writing gay erotica about torturing prisoners in homosexual ways: A declassified cable detailing torture at a CIA blacksite in Thailand operated by now-CIA Director Gina Haspel employed hokey language […]

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Evangelicals Are So Desperate To Keep Churches Open They Are Putting Churches In Bars And Movie Theaters

The tales of bringing the gospel to the world and prosperity before all are hallmarks of American evangelical Christianity. However, what once seemed to be a reality has become but a fading dream, one which many churches are waking up to in a painful way. Religious practice in America has steadily declined for the last […]

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muslim woman upset 01

Muslim Woman Becomes Christian, Her Husband Threatens To Divorce Her And Take Her Baby If She Does Not Apostatize To Islam

Christians and in particular, converts to Christianity from Islam continue to suffer intense persecution. Often times this persecution comes to them from those closest. In one such case a Muslim woman became a Christian, and while married to another Muslim man he demanded that she return to Islam or else he will divorce her and […]

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euthanasia perosn

Belgium Is Now Euthanizing Pre-Teens

Belgium is a country that has been in the news frequently over the years. It is the center of the European Union. It is a nation which has been going through a rapid Islamification owing to Muslim immigration and a declining birth rate as well as apostasy. It also is now a nation that has […]

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Priest And School Teacher Tied Up And Stabbed To Death

A Jesuit priest was found dead after being tied and stabbed multiple times. Police are investigating a former student who was expelled for behavior and had made threats according to a report: A Spanish Jesuit priest was stabbed to death at a school he ran in an Amazon village in Peru, his religious order and […]

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Man Invites Another Man To His House, Drugs His Drink And Sodomizes Him When He Falls Asleep

A man was arrested for raping another man after drugging his drink. Teshawn Mills invited the man over, and then put drugs into his drink, after which the man fell asleep and Mills proceeded to sodomize him: The man who was raped by another man while he was asleep, told police that he was drugged […]

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New Evidence Suggests Coptic Bishop Was Murdered Not By A Muslim, But By A SODOMITE And The Coptic Church Is Trying To Cover Up The Homosexual Activity

In July 2018, reported on the story of a Coptic bishop that was beaten to death in Egypt. While many times there is persecution of Christians by Muslims, evidence suggests not that the persecutor was a Muslim, but was a homosexual attempting to cover up for his and other persons’ homosexual activity at the […]

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Thousand Of People Have Been Murdered And Dozens Of Villages Burned As Violence Engulfs Cameroon

The African Nation of Cameroon is in a civil war right now, as 2000 people have been killed, 170 villages burned, and countless more raped, kidnapped, and attacked as intranational violence rips the nation apart according to a report: Over 2,000 people have been killed and 170 villages burned in English-speaking regions of Cameroon which […]

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