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Major Jewish Group Admits That The Inquisition Was Absolutely Correct, And Many Jews Who Entered The Catholic Church Really Were Infiltrators Trying To Subvert Her

From the Times of Israel: A Portugal government committee has approved the creation of a Memorial Day for the Victims of the Inquisition. The inquisition was formally established in Portugal in 1536. The date of the memorial day will be held on or around March 31, the official end of the Inquisition in 1821. Reconectar, […]

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Was It Not Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, But Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Who Instigated The Murder Of Jamal Khashoggi?

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been gravely strained due to the murder of Turkish citizen Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents at the order of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. During this crisis, Prince Salman has sought counsel from none other than his long-time adviser, President Trump’s son-in-law and real estate scammer Jared Kushner: […]

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Parents Beat 10-Year-Old Boy All Over His Body With Whips, Force Him To Sit In Painful Positions, Starve Him, Then Smash His Head Into The Ground Until He Dies

Two people were arrested after the horrible torture and murder of their 10-year-old son. According to police the boy was regularly beaten all over his body, forced to sit in painful positions, regularly starved, and had his face smashed into the ground until he died: A judge ordered the unsealing of grand jury proceeding transcripts […]

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Muslim Student Gets Mad At Professor For Failing His Class, Stabs The Professor To Death And Says He Did It Because He “Insulted Mohammed”

A Pakistani Muslim man living in Ireland was arrested for murdering a professor. According to reports, the man became angry with the professor after failing his class, and then later claimed the professor “insulted Mohammed” even though no students in the class ever remember him doing so: Irish lecturer John Dowling had allegedly ‘insulted the […]

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Major Catholic Cardinal Declares That Death By Starvation Is Better Than Accepting Homosexuality

Homosexuality is a sin that is worthy of death, incurred the wrath of God at Sodom in the Old Testament, and is equally condemned in the New Testament. It is only one of four sins the Bible says “cry out to Heaven for vengeance,” and is heinous is a particular way. While many leaders in […]

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A New Silk Road Is Being Created, It Is Part Of A Massive Plan To Destroy The Human Race And Create A New Pagan Order That Will Slaughter Christians

Astana is the capitol of Kazakhstan and is the “newest” capitol in the world in that the entire city was rebuilt from the ground up in the years following the death of the Soviet Union into a brand new city. However, as many have noted, Astana is also one of the strangest capitols in the […]

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Protesting In The Streets Of France Already Happening. Hundreds Arrested. Clashes Have Already Commenced

Protesting in the streets of France is already happening, with hundreds of arrests being done by police. According to Le Parisien: The police headquarters in Paris indicates that 343 people were arrested. People are screaming “Macron, resign!” Protesters in #Paris break out in the Marseillaise, swiftly followed by the chant “Macron resign” #GiletsJaunes — […]

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Get Ready For The Europe Spring: The “Yellow Vests” Are Not Good, But Are Part Of A Conspiracy To Bring Back The Horrific French Revolution

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat In 2011 we began researching and writing on the unrest that erupted in Syria. We continuously read and wrote about the bloody violence that was taking place in that country, and how forces from NATO were working behind the misery. We also talked a lot about the ideology of […]

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Scientists Declare “Historical Turning Point” As New AI Supercomputer Demonstrates “Human-Like Abilities”

Scientists recently declared a “historical turning point” in the development of artificial intelligence as a new supercomputer recently demonstrated “human-like” abilities in its reasoning strategy with chess according to a report: DeepMind’s artificial intelligence programme AlphaZero is now showing signs of human-like intuition and creativity, in what developers have hailed as ‘turning point’ in history. […]

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Christian Teacher Fired From School For Refusing To Use Male Pronouns For A Female Student

The gender dysphoria induced in society by the LGBT has had serious implications on the very use of language itself, as one cannot call a man a man or a woman a woman any more if that person doesn’t “want” it in many places. Employers are viciously enforcing such policies too, leading to people losing […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack Christian Family, Murder Woman’s Children And Grandchildren

A woman was left homeless and without a family after Islamic terrorists attacked her family, murdering both her children and her grandchildren according to a report: A Christian grandmother in Nigeria has shared her heartbreaking story of losing much of her family to a Muslim Fulani attack and being made homeless. The attack on Aug. […]

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Violence Continues All Throughout Cameroon As Christians Are Persecuted And Churches Turned Into Military Barracks

Cameroon has been engulfed by violence for months, and according to reports Christians are being forced to flees as Churches are being confiscated and turned into military barracks: Cameroonian Christians are crying out against the ongoing violence in their country, where churches are being converted into military barracks and believers are forced to flee. “We […]

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The Danish Government Announces That It Wants To Force Refugees Into An Island

By Theodore Shoebat The Danish government wants to force around 125 refugees to be settled on an island — Lindholm Island — off the coast of Denmark. The island was once a center for research on sick animals. Politicians in Denmark who are fixated on immigration are ecstatic about this move. Immigration minister Inger Støjberg, of […]

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The French Government Prepares For A New Wave Of Rioting In Paris. Museums, Theaters And Even The Eiffel Tower Will Be Closed Down

By Theodore Shoebat The French government is now preparing for a new wave or riots, after a storm of violent chaos hit Paris for the last two weeks, in which hundreds were injured, arrested and some even killed, and in which many cars were torched and shops looted. This is a sign of something sinister […]

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Sodomy Is So Rampant Among “Furries” That They Are Offering Free HIV Testing At Major Conventions

Furries are a subculture that began in the early 1980s and has grown exponentially. They are overwhelmingly homosexual and promote vile concepts, including those of spirit possession as well as bestiality (read our articles about them here, here, and here). It was brought to my attention that at a recent “conference”, where these people get […]

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One Hundred And Fifty Hindu Terrorists Attack Christians At Church, The Violence Is So Bad The Churches May Cancel Christmas

In the film “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, Santa Claus announces that he may have to cancel Christmas because of a serious winter storm. However, Christians in parts of India are being forced to serious consider cancelling Christmas celebrations after a violent attack on a small Church in India by 150 Hindu terrorists according to a […]

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