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Homosexual HIV Activists Are Going To Precipitate The Worst HIV Crisis In The Not Distant Future

Josh Krellenstein is an HIV activist and founder of BreakThePatent, a group that is attempting to force Gilead Science to lower the price and release the patent information for PrEP, a drug that is commonly taken by homosexuals and lauded as the new “miracle drug” for HIV. PrEP, which is HIV antiviral medication, is taken […]

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Pastor Declares Christ To Group Of Muslims, They Beat Him Unconscious While Screaming “Allahu Akbar”

Christians around the world are still beaten, attacked, injured, and killed for proclaiming the name of Jesus. Such recent happened where a pastor declared Christ to a group of Muslims and he was beaten unconscious while they shouted “Allahu Akbar”: A Christian pastor was knocked unconscious in eastern Uganda during a debate with Muslims about […]

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Major CEOs And Billionaires Admit They Want A Mass Extinction While They Merge With Machines To Try To Become God

It is said that when the world is at peace, when things are quiet, is when the ground falls out from one’s feet unknowingly, and he who once thought that he was on stable ground finds himself plummeting into an abyss that ends abruptly, and sometimes to his own demise. A look around Western society, […]

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Planned Parenthood NYC Puts Out Vulgar Advertisement Telling Women And Men To “F***” Anybody

Planned Parenthood NYC, the largest corporation involved in the systematic murder of infants, recently produced an advertisement for YouTube encouraging New Yorkers to engage in promiscuous sex. The language is not for children and speaks for itself: According to the website set up with the video: In 2017, we provided services to nearly 60,000 New […]

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Major Zionist Organization Declares That One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 100,000 Non-Jews, Exposed By A Fellow Jew

Taglit-Birthright is a major zionist organization that gives free trips to Israel to young Jews around the world, mostly from the USA and Canada. However, some people have accused Birthright of inciting racial hatred of Palestinians and other non-Jews. Such was the case made by Sam Sussman, a Jew who while working to help build […]

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Child Molesters Are Now Demanding To Be Included In The LGBT Community

First it was gays and lesbians. Then it added bisexuals. Then it added transgender. Then it added a host of other letters and numbers including but not at all limited to Q (queer), 2 (two-spirit), I (intersex), A (asexual) and P (pansexual). Now another group is asking for inclusion into the LGBT alphabet soup, and […]

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Donald Trump Declares That The European Union, China And Russia Are All “Foes” Of America

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump has declared that the European Union, China and Russia as “foes” of America. Trump said from his Scottish gulf course: “I think we have a lot of foes … I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn’t think of the European […]

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india missile

India Agrees To Purchase Air Defense Missile System From Russia, Tells The US That She Will Do What She Wants

Russian news has reported that Russia has announced they will sell weapons to India, and India has replied that the matter is one with the US and not international law, and they will proceed with the purchase: American laws are their own matter locally and have nothing to do with India, the country’s defense chief […]

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Christianity Is Going Through A “Dead Cat Bounce” Moment In The UK

Christianity has been on the decline in the UK in practice and social favor. However, a recent study shows that Generation Z have a sightly more favorable impression of Christianity that Millenials: A major survey in the U.K. of 4,087 British adults on their attitudes toward religious people revealed that those of Generation Z are […]

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indial march rinbw

Largest Muslim Legal Association In India Backs The LGBT On The Subcontinent, Refuses To Challenge Opposition To Sodomy Laws

India is preparing to legalize homosexual behavior by contesting Section 377 of their Penal Code, which is the equivalent of sodomy law. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has responded that if homosexuality was legalized, they would not try to contest the issue in the courts, effectively giving support to the LGBT: The All […]

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nigerian migrant beat badly in italy

Migrant Goes On Drunken Rampage In Italy Smashing Car Windows After Streetfight With Another Migrant, Italians Form A Mob And Beat The Migrant To A Pulp And Leave Him In A Pool Of His Own Blood

An African migrant who had gone on a drunken rampage smashing car windows after getting into a streetfight with another migrant was left badly wounded and lying in a pool of his own blood after a mob of Italians confronted him and beat him for his action. Videos of the incident first appeared on Facebook […]

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The vulture and the little girl

Christians Help Save Children With Disabilities Who Are Left To Die As Food For Wild Animals

Some people have children and want to keep them. But in Kenya, when a child is born disabled, some parent do not want the child. Not only will they get rid of the child, but they will leave the disabled child to be eaten by wild animals. Christian missionaries and ministries have been working to […]

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