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CLEVELAND, OH - JULY 20:  A delegates holds up signs that read "Make America First Again" during the opening of the third day of the Republican National Convention on July 20, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received the number of votes needed to secure the party's nomination. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four-day Republican National Convention kicked off on July 18.  (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

The Anti-Immigration Empire Industry And The Spirit Of Antichrist

By Theodore Shoebat In the world of the anti-immigration industry, there are two sides: the ones that profit and the ones that influence. On one part of the spectrum you have the private prison industry that profits off of illegal immigration and actually wants non-violent aliens to be detained and remain in detention (as opposed […]

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There Is No National Emergency

By Theodore Shoebat When I see this “national emergency” declaration  coming from Trump, the first question that comes to my mind is: where is the national emergency? Is there a national emergency. Well, in Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, the president admits: “I didn’t need to do this”. If there was really a national […]

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The Trump “National Emergency” Is Irrelevant And Even Trump Knows This

Today President Trump announced that there is a “national emergency” on the US-Mexican border: President Donald Trump declared a national emergency on Friday in an effort to circumvent Congress and fund the wall he promised to build along the U.S. border with Mexico. “We’re talking about an invasion of our country with drugs, with human […]

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Maduro Claims That He Has Been In Secret Communication With The United States Government

By Theodore Shoebat Nicolas Maduro has claimed that has been in secret communication with the United States government, as we read in a report from Market Watch: President Nicolas Maduro has invited a U.S. special envoy to Venezuela after revealing in an AP interview that his foreign minister recently held secret meetings with the U.S. […]

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Trump Administration Plans To House Migrant Children From Mexico At A Toxic Waste Dump

In an interesting story coming from the Christian post, it appears that as part of the plans of the Trump administration for “housing” migrant children who have come from Mexico (who are objectively minors), at least one of the camps being built for them is being placed on top of a landfill that is contaminated […]

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Brexit Was Not A Defeat Against “The Elites,” It Has Only Empowered The Elites And Has Helped The Cause Of German Militarism And The Rise Of Turkish Power

By Theodore Shoebat The EU has voted in favor of a Brexit transition, as we read in a report from L’Osservatore Romano: After the EU’s green light on the Brexit deal signed by British Prime Minister Theresa May, the same agreement will have to be put to the vote by Westminister, presumably between the 10th and […]

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Joshua Aaron Greiff and williams

Three People In Florida Kidnap Illegal Immigrant, Take Him To A Trailer Where They Torture Him For Hours And Rob Him. A Woman Tells The Illegal: ‘If You Report Us To The Police I Will Just Tell Them That You Raped Me.’ They Also Tell The Illegal That He Will Be Deported Because He Is An Illegal Immigrant

By Theodore Shoebat A horrifying story took place in Florida recently. A gang of three people — two men and a woman — kidnapped a man, took him to a trailer, tortured him for hours and robbed him. They also told him that he could not go to the police because he would be deported […]

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Politicians In Kentucky Gather Together To Vote On Abortion. A Pregnant Woman Comes Before Them And The Politicians Hear The Beating Heart Of Her Unborn Child. One Official Declares: “That Child In Her Womb Is A Living Human Being”. Almost All Of The Politicians Vote Against Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Politicians in Kentucky gathered together to vote on abortion. They heard the beating heart of an unborn child still in the womb of a pregnant mother who was present in the assembly. One official declared: “That child in her womb is a living human being,” before the majority of the senators voted in […]

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Bill Cosby Declares That He’s In Prison Because Of His Political Beliefs

By Theodore Shoebat Bill Cosby recently declared that he’s in prison because of his political beliefs, as we read in a report from Fortune: In his first statement since being sentenced to prison for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, Bill Cosby says he has “no remorse” and feels he is like a “political prisoner.” […]

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Yellow Vester Who Attacked French Police Officers Gets Sentenced To One Year In Prison. Tons Of French People Raise Money For His Defense

By Theodore Shoebat A Yellow Vester attacked police officers not too long ago:   This same terrorist was just sentenced to one year in prison, as we read in a Fox News report: A former champion French boxer-turned-“yellow vest” protester who was filmed attacking riot police officers during demonstrations in January has been convicted of […]

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Trump Will Declare A State Of Emergency And Take Executive Action To Make The Build The Wall

By Theodore Shoebat Trump will be declaring a state of emergency and will take executive action to build the border wall, as we read in a report from Fox News: The Senate on Thursday afternoon approved a border security package to avert another government shutdown, as the White House said President Trump is preparing to take the […]

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