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Both The Right And The Left Are Following In The Example Of The Socialists Of The Past, Attempting To Alter Or Erase Historical And Current Events To Suit Their Needs

The twentieth century cannot be understood as a conflict between socialism versus “freedom,” but between two different groups of socialism fighting for power among themselves. The international socialism of the USSR that penetrated throughout Eastern Europe, South America, Central Asia, and parts of East Asia and Africa, better known as communism, openly espoused the principles […]

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The Government Of New York Now Wants To Make Infanticide As Part Of Its Constitution

By Theodore Shoebat The forces of eugenics never stop in their cause for murder, as the government of New York now wants to make infanticide — what they call abortion — as a right embedded right into the state’s constitution. As we read in a report from Democrat & Chronicle: Gov. Andrew Cuomo called Monday […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack Three Villages, Murder A Muslim Cleric And Two Other People

Islamic terrorists from the group Boko Haram have attacked three villages, murdering a Muslim cleric and two more people according to a report: t least three civilians, including an Islamic cleric, have been killed, while hundreds are fleeing their communities after multiple attacks by Boko Haram in Borno State. The insurgents attacked three villages — […]

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LGBT Gives “The Gift” To China As Cases Of HIV Rise In Proportion To The Acceptance And Growth Of Homosexuality

“The gift” is the term used by some homosexuals to discuss contracting HIV from another homosexual. As the power of the LGBT has increased in China and with such the normalization of homosexuality, so have increased the cases of HIV, which have exploded according to a report: Wang xiaoshuai, a gay man in the central […]

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Terrorist Group Operated By A Former Christian Turned Muslim Slaughters Ten People In Congo

Ten civilians were murdered in Congo after an attack by a terrorist group lead by a former Christian turned Muslim according to a report: Ten civilians including children and relatives of soldiers were killed overnight in a raid by armed men in restive eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), officials said on Tuesday. “There was […]

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Six Women Decide To Fornicate With Tattoo Artist, They Then Freak Out After They Learn He Has HIV

While the hypergamous nature of women has been well-documented, it can have dangerous consequences. For example, in one case in Wisconsin, a man had relations with six women but did not disclose to them that he has HIV, at which they discovered later to their horror according to a report: A West Allis tattoo artist […]

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Now Another Well-Known American Nationalist “Leader” Applies For Bankruptcy

In April 2017, National Socialists and Communists battled in the streets of Berkeley, CA as part of a large protest that famously showed a national socialist and the founder of the Identity Evropa movement, Nathan D’Amigo, punching a Communist protester and small-time porn whore named Louisa Rosealma in the face. Nathan D’Amigo became very famous […]

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Major American Pastor Declares That Christians Must Reject The Ten Commandments

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat Major American pastor, Andy Stanley, recently said that Christians “are not required to obey any of the commandments found in the first part of their Bibles”. In an article written by Stanley, the pastor effectively argues for indifference for the removal of the Ten Commandments from courthouses because, as […]

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Turkish-Backed Rebels Kidnap And Make Video Of Themselves Torturing And Mercilessly Beheading Syrian Man

A Syrian man was picked up by a Turkish-backed rebel group and accused of being a spy. In response, the group made a video of them torturing the man before slowly beheading him: The Turkish-backed rebels beheaded a Syrian man that was accused of working with the Syrian government in an undisclosed area in northern […]

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Twitter War Started By Aging And Objectively Disgusting Film Prostitute Illustrates The Reason Why Any Claim Of “Anti-Semitism” Must Be Investigated Before It Is Believed

Fox news reported on January 9th that “anti-semitic attacks” were the reason why the aging porn whore turned convert to Judaism on behalf of her Israeli businessman husband Jenna Jameson left twitter: Jenna Jameson is taking an “indefinite break” from Twitter after receiving multiple attacks on her faith and sobriety. The former adult film star […]

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The Current Alpha And Beta Male Paradigm Is A Perversion Of The Difference Between Potentiality And Actuality

Online message boards and discussions have certain recurring themes that people bring up for years, and the discussions seem to go “in a circle” without any foreseeable end. One of these discussions is the “alpha/beta male” argument for who is an alpha male and who is a “beta” male. The terms “alpha” and “beta” have […]

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Violence In Ukraine Is A Bloody Image That Presages Another Horrific War That Will Devastate Europe

By Theodore Shoebat Millions of people have suffered in Ukraine because of the political machinations of both NATO and Russia. A recent report from the BPB recounts this dismal reality: Since 2014, more than 10,000 people have died in the war. According to the German Red Cross , around 3.4 million people were dependent on humanitarian aid in […]

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The Government Of Pennsylvania Rules: ‘Unborn Children Are Not Human Beings, Therefore Taking Drugs While Pregnant Is Not Child Abuse.’

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Pennsylvania has ruled that taking drugs while pregnant is not child abuse. The premise of the argument entails the insidious belief that unborn children are not human beings and therefore have no rights. As we read in one report from the Daily Item: A state lawmaker wants the Legislature […]

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Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Police Barracks With Military Weapons And Grenade Launcher In Town That Rescue Christians Helped

In December 2018, Rescue Christians wrote about a pharmacy built with your support to help the people of Apatzingan in the state of Michoacan, which has been and continues to be ravaged by drug cartel terrorists. Two days ago, narcoterrorists launched a serious attack against police with military grade weapons, including a grenade launcher. The […]

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President Trump Now Says He Never Said That Mexico Would Pay For “The Wall” Even Thought That Is Exactly What He Said

One of President Trump’s main campaign promises was to “build the wall,” meaning a border wall with Mexico. He made it very clear this was a major condition of his campaign, and with that he said that he would make Mexico pay for the wall. Now President Trump is saying that he never said that, […]

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