A Race Against Death

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Info About the Book:

This book outlines the work of Peter Bergson aka Hillel Kook who was one of the few in America who tried to save his brethren. He was the person who was responsible for getting Raoul Wallenberg the resources that ended up saving a 100,000 Jews in Hungary during World War 2. Bergson also succeeded in getting President Roosevelt to save 200,000 more in providing sanctuary for Jewish refugees from Europe with the establishment of the War Refugee Board. Bergson work has never been highly acclaimed but his dogged determination and willingness to challenge the establishment. Bergson is the inspiration why we set up Rescue Christians. The same challenges he faced we face too in order to save our Christian brethren from being murdered in what we believe to be a Holocaust that will dwarf all Holocausts in history combined.

Please consider being part of the righteous few who stand with us to save at least some of our brethren.