jorg meuthen

Major German Politician Declares: “We Want A Europe Of The Fatherland”

By Theodore Shoebat A major German politician, Jorg Meuthen, of the nationalist Alternative for Deutschland Party (AfD), who sits in the EU Parliament, declared: “We want a Europe of the Fatherland” According to a report from Taz: “We want a Europe of the fatherland,” Meuthen calls into the hall. “Naturally allies” are Hans-Christian Strache, the Austrian […]

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Catholic Priest Burned Alive And 40 Christians Slaughtered In Central African Republic By Islamic Terrorists

Violence between Christians and Muslims exploded again in the Central African Republic, where clashes between the two groups are common. According to a story a priest was burned alive and 40 other Christians were slaughtered as part of the ongoing violence from Islamic Fulani terrorist herdsmen: Two priests, one of whom was burned to death, […]

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Australian Government Forces Major Bridal Magazine To Close Down Because Christian Owners Refuse To Bend Over To The Sodomite Agenda

White magazine is a major bridal publication in Australian. Her Christian founder and owners were recently forced to shut down their publication of 12 years after they refused to feature sodomites in magazine photos according to a report: One of Australia’s top wedding magazines has closed down after they were abandoned in droves by advertisers […]

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Tommy Robinson Joins Major Organizations That Want To Destroy Christianity, Promote Homosexuality, Human Sacrifice And Terrorism

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special) Do not trust Tommy Robbinson, he is only a lobbyist for pagans, racists and eugenists. Tommy Robinson is working with forces that want to war against Christianity. Robinson works with pagans who want homosexuality and  paganism, and instead of Christian sacraments, want a sacrament of gore […]

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Mackinder’s Theory On World Power Explains The Practical Western Obsession With Russia

The cartoon “Pinky and the Brain” is about two laboratory mice who escape from their cage each night and try to take over the world. The leader, known as “the Brain,” spends his days masterminding plans of world domination, and his sidekick, “Pinky,” is a below-average intelligence mouse who would be happy with running in […]

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Meth Addicted Couple Leaves Baby To Die Horrible Death From Diaper Rash In Swing, Found Covered In Maggots

An American couple left their four-month old to die by placing him in a swing for over a week and not changing his diaper. When the child was found he was covered in maggots according to a report: An Iowa jury on Tuesday heard the graphic, heart-wrenching details of the death of a baby found […]

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furry convention

“Furries” Are Not Merely Adults In Costumes, They Are Overwhelmingly Sodomites Who Are Legitimizing A Contemporary Variant Of Ancient Pagan Spirit Possession

“Furries” are people who dress up in animal costumes but unlike Halloween, are far from benign fun. They are often associated with bizarre perversions, as I have written about here and here. However, they have continued to grow in popularity worldwide and are so much recognized that CNN did a story about them describing them […]

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Canadian Hospital Demands Women Who Just Gave Birth To Be Sterilized Before Getting Their Newborns Back

Some believe that the systematic application of eugenics of the past is no more, but rather it is alive, well, and growing. In a recent lawsuit, indigenous peoples are suing a Canadian hospital, saying that the hospital refused to give them back their recently born babies unless they agreed to sterilize themselves: As a senator […]

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US Bishops Face Massive RICO Case, And If One Hopes The Church Loses, You Don’t Understand What You Are Asking For

There has been much criticism of the USCCB for the collective handling of the sodomite abuse crisis. But according to a recent report the US government may be coming after many of them with a new legal case as part of a class-action lawsuit charging RICO violations according to a report: The U.S. bishops’ conference […]

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Bill Proposed In Congress To Cut All US Funds To Saudi Arabia

In a recent move, members of Congress are threatening to block US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, who is allied to Saudi Arabia according to a report: After previously on Thursday the Senate killed a proposal by Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) to block $300 million in US arms sales to Bahrain — a key Saudi coalition […]

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Two Christians Survive Stoning By Massive, Angry Muslim Mob For Being Christians

Two Christians survived an attack by Muslims in which they were rounded up and beaten with rocks, timber, and other objects until they passed out for being Christians according to a report: Christian survivors of a stoning in Kenya from September which led to two deaths have described what they called a “scene from hell” […]

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Muslim Man Attacks Christians In Church With Sharp Iron Rod While Shouting “Allahu Akbar”

A Muslim man was arrested after he attacked Christians in Church with an iron rod that has been described as a “sharp tool” according to a report: Christian worshipers in Cairo, Egypt, were left injured after a man wielding a “sharp tool” and a Quran attacked them during a prayer service as he shouted “Allah […]

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High I.Q. Irreligious Anglo-Saxon Swingers Set To Invade Low I.Q. Spanish Catholic Religious Festival Celebrating The Virgin Mary

It is said that the “sun never sets on the British Empire,” but the sun has set as the nation is rotting from within and has been for a while. Such an example of this was recently demonstrated by a group of perverts who are planning on having a massive orgy not just during, but […]

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“ISIS” Claims They Did The California Wildfires In Spite Of Absolutely No Tangible Proof

What Al-Qaeda was last decade ISIS is today. The Islamic terrorist group, known for its horrible atrocities and yet its uncanny connections deep within the US government and yet their ability to evade capture from the same government is now claiming that they were behind the California wildfires: One of the many media groups supporting […]

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