Six People Die After Christian Pastor Feeds Bleach To His Church, Tells Them ‘This Is The Blood Of Jesus’

Six are dead and four are in critical condition after a Pastor fed his church congregation bleach because he told them it was the “Blood of Jesus” according to a report: The pastor, who works at a church at the Ark Ministry in Makgodu Village, in Limpopo, South Africa, told people he has the power […]

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Canadian Man Obsessed With Vampires And Satanism ‘Ritually Tortures’ Small Animals To Death

A Canadian man was charged with animal cruelty for ritually abusing animals according to a report: A 20-year-old man and a teenager have been charged with animal cruelty after Gatineau police found evidence of “ritual” cruelty to small animals near Buckingham. The investigation began in June when a suspicious fire broke out in an abandoned […]

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Sodomite Sesame Street Writer Tries To Say He ‘Didn’t Really Mean’ To Say That He Wrote Ernie And Bert As A Sodomite Couple

Jewish sodomite writer for Sesame Street Mark Saltzman yesterday admitted in an interview with a major LGBT website that he wrote the characters of Ernie and Bert based on his experiences as a sodomite in a gay relationship at the time. Now he is attempting to backtrack on his comments, saying that he actually did […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack Village And Hack 42 Christians To Death With Machetes

It was initially believed to be a dozen, but the death toll has risen to more than three times that number after Islamic terrorists attacked a Christian village and hacked 42 people to death according to a report: Dozens of people are feared dead after suspected Islamist rebels attacked civilians in the Central African Republic […]

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Islamic Terrorists Attack A Bus And Demand Everybody Convert To Islam Or Die, Two Christians Refuse And They Murder Them On The Spot

Islamic terrorists attacked a bus and told everybody on the bus to profess the Islamic creed of faith or die. Two Christians refused and were executed on the spot according to a report: Al-Shabaab militants executed two Christians in Kenya after they attacked a bus and forced the passengers to recite the Islamic statement of […]

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Catholic Priest In Chicago Takes LGBT Flag That Was Placed In The Church To Make It “Gay Friendly” And Sets It On Fire

By Theodore Shoebat A Catholic priest in the diocese of Chicago recently set an LGBT flag on fire. The flag was placed in the parish to make the church more “gay friendly.” According to a report from the Chicago Sun Times: A North Side priest who says he “can’t sit well” with Cardinal Blase Cupich […]

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A Catholic church destroyed by Islamic State militants in Karamdes, Iraq, is examined by a priest following the 2016 liberation of the predominantly Christian town. St. John the Baptist Parish Knights of Columbus Council 10305 in Fort Calhoun, Neb., is supporting an effort to help Christians in Syria and Iraq who were driven from their homes by terrorism, genocide and war. (CNS photo/courtesy Archdiocese of Irbil) See KNIGHTS-COUNCIL-CHRISTIANS to come.

Islamic Terrorists Enter Christian Village, And Slaughter Ten People

By Theodore Shoebat Islamic terrorists in Syria entered a Christian village and slaughtered ten people. As we read in one report from CBN: Al-Qaeda-linked rebels recently targeted a mostly Christian town in Syria, firing missiles and killing at least 10 people. Al-Masdar News reported, the jihadist rebels launched the attack last week in response to […]

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Austria Takes Aggressive Stance Against Italy, Declares It Will Grant Austrian Citizenship To Italians Living In South Tyrol

The Austrian government has announced it will grant Italians living in South Tyrol, Italy, citizenship with Austria, an aggressive move that will further nationalism and division in Europe: Italy’s foreign minister has cancelled a meeting with his Austrian counterpart over Vienna’s plans to grant citizenship to the German-speaking residents in the northern Italian province of […]

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Christian Man Convinces His Wife To Commit Suicide Because She Was “Too Weak To Survive The Rapture”

A Christian man in Australia convinced his wife to commit suicide because she was “too weak to survive the rapture,” which also made him the beneficiary of a 1.4 million dollar life insurance plan according to a report: An Australian man is being accused of helping his wife commit suicide by convincing her that she […]

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Government Warns Amid Heightened Terror Alert To Look Out For Muslim Terrorists Flying Attack Drones

The “Mehmet II” suicide drone A recent warning from the government has come amid heightened terror alerts saying that terrorists may use “unconventional” techniques, such as drones, to attack people according to a report: The Department of Homeland Security reissued for the seventh time a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, which makes note of terrorists’ […]

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Jewish Sodomite Behind Many Scripts For The Ernie And Bert Characters Of Famed Children’s Program Sesame Street Admits He Wrote Them As A Gay Couple

For years, people who said that Ernie and Bert of Sesame Street fame were a “gay couple” or suspected them of homosexuality were mocked for being ‘religious nutjobs’ and with other pejorative language. However, Mark Saltzman, a Jewish sodomite who wrote many of the scripts for the two characters, admitted in a recent interview that […]

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Syria Shoots Down Russian Plane While Defending Herself In Israeli Attack, Head Of Russian Armed Forces Says

In a major and developing story, a Russian airplane has “disappeared” on radar during Israel’s attack on Syria according to a report, and it has been confirmed that Syria accidentally shot the airplane down while repelling an attack by Israel: Syria inadvertently shot down a Russian military plane after an Israeli attack on Syrian positions, […]

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The US Government Is Now Pushing Germany To Use Its Military In Syria. This Is All Helping To Revive German Militarism

By Theodore Shoebat The United States, through its sodomite Ambassador Richard Grenell,  is now pressuring Germany to deploy troops into Syria. As we read in a report from Spiegel Online: Under pressure from the United States, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her defense minister have signaled an increased willingness to take military action against Syrian President […]

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Storms Of Missiles “From The Sea” Strike Syria, Injuring Seven People

By Theodore Shoebat A storm of missiles have struck Syria. The missiles were targeting the Technical Industries Agency headquarters, which is located in Latakia. A Syrian government states that the missiles were “from the sea” while others say that they came from drones. Video from the aggression on #Latakia pic.twitter.com/OIgUVbdbVP — Kevork Almassian (@KevorkAlmassian) September […]

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Major Homosexual Rally Floods Serbia, And It Is All Being Backed By Western Money

By Theodore Shoebat A major sodomite rally has hit the city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. As we read in one report from Balkan Insight: Belgrade Pride Week 2018 will take place from September 10th to 16th under the slogan, “Reci da!”, or “Say Yes!” in English. The title was selected to highlight the list of […]

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Kavanaugh was accused by Christine Blassey Ford of sexual assault

Make No Mistake About It, The Person Who Is Accusing Kavanaugh Of Rape Is An Evil Woman Who Supports Abortion

By Theodore Shoebat Just days before the Senate Judiciary votes for is going to vote on whether or not Brett Kavanaug will be appointed into the Supreme Court, some woman — not surprisingly — has popped up to scream rape. According to one report from Fox News: Just days before the Senate Judiciary Committee was […]

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