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CBN's Gary Lane

CBN Interviews Rescue Christians Executive Director

Rescue Christians Executive Director Keith Davies recently sat down with Gary Lane of CBN News to talk about the heinous plight of Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kasuar in Pakistan. Regular readers to our site know that Rescue Christians has been intimately involved with this case for months, as Shoebat.com has reported. Here is the full […]

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Walid predicts the destruction of Saudi Arabia by Iran on CBN in 2012

Walid’s last and best interview on CBN in 2012 in which he predicted the near future some of which has already happened i.e the civil war in Egypt. Via CBN: Learn about what is happening in front of your eyes by acquiring “God’s War on Terror and End Times package for only $79.95 normally 109.95”.

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Hudna and Deception in Islam

http://shoebat.org/videos/hudna.php In Walid’s second interview with CBN a few years ago he explains Hudna and the deceptions in Islam. This interview gives you the key to understanding Islam and its goals, strategy and tactics to destroy Israel and the West. Over last week we have provided simple lessons on the issues of Islam that can […]

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Baptist Church in Bethlehem stands with Israel…

… .. . …and gets the usual Muslim treatement. Christians are leaving the Holy Land in record numbers, and a new report suggests persecution against Palestinian believers is getting worse. Because of the aggressive spread of extremist Islamic ideas, thousands of Palestinian Christians have fled Palestinian-controlled areas like Bethlehem CBN News October 14, 2009

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Small Request and New Media

TWITTER: Thanks to your efforts, you our supporters, our social network is expanding at an impressive rate. Our last call for our followers to join our new “Foundation Fan Page” [http://www.facebook.com/pages/Walid-Shoebat-Foundation/344513167149] yielded great results. We need to call on everyone again. This time we need twice as many people to respond. In order to further […]

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